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Peilin Hubs refer to the bearing drums of bicycles, which are divided into double-bearing types and four-bearing types. Peilin hub is a transliteration, which is derived from foreign bicycle manufacturing technology. The bearing hub has the characteristics of good sliding and easy maintenance.

Ordinary Hubs are loose beads, such as most of Shimano’s products and civilian-grade Hubs. The Peilin Hub is a bearing drum. The standard bearing is installed in the drum shell, which makes the rotation smoother and quieter. There is no need for adjustment and maintenance, and the waterproof and dustproof performance is higher. The front drums of Peilin hubs are generally double-bearing, and the rear drums are divided into two types: double-bearing and four-bearing. The strength of the four-bearing is higher.

Bearing hubs are divided into double bearing types and four bearing types. The front drum is often double-bearing, and the rear drum is divided into two types: double-bearing and four-bearing, and the strength of the four-bearing are higher. Whether the rear hub is four-bearing or double-bearing, it is actually two bearing bearings. The other two bearings in the four-bearing hub are mainly used to support the operation of the hub wheel, and basically do not play a load-bearing role. Therefore, the strength of the four-bearing and double-bearing hubs is basically the same.
There are slight differences in structure between the four-bearing and double-bearing rear hubs, mainly in the ratchet part:
The four-bearing hub is to place two assembled bearings directly in the freewheel body. The freewheel body can usually be made of aluminum alloy material; the double-bearing hub is composed of a shaft bowl, axle gear, and balls set inside the freewheel body. Therefore, the tower base is made of steel. In this way, from the perspective of the overall weight of the rear hub, although the four-bearing hub has two more bearing assemblies, the actual overall weight is lighter than that of the double-bearing hub due to the use of an aluminum alloy freehub.

The advantage of the bearing over the bead gear is that it glides well and is easy to maintain.

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