Precautions for riding with a companion

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There are many cyclists who like to ride alone when they go out, and many cyclists like to ride with a companion. In most cases, everyone prefers to go with a companion because there are many benefits to riding with a companion. What are the specific benefits?

1.Riding together can encourage each other; if there is a rider who can’t ride, you can help him cheer up. This will not only improve the concentration and speed of the rider but also enhance your friendship and open the window of friendship;

2.Riding together can take care of each other when the riders have a flat tire; in a cycling team, there will always be three or two who become the king of flat tires due to various reasons. If you ride together, don’t worry at all. Because there will be a few riders in this team who are always ready with spare tires and tire repair tools;

3.You don’t have to worry about going home when you ride with a companion; when you ride with a companion, you don’t have to worry about not being able to go home when you reach that remote place. There will always be riders with their own navigation in the team;

4.Riding together, the scenery you see is even more different; why is it even more different, because it is impossible for you to go to the places you go alone. Think about the scene of several people crossing the deep forest and mountain stream and one person crossing the deep forest and mountain stream, which one will be more pleasing to the eye;

5.Riding together, you will find that your circle of friends is getting wider and wider; every time you go out for a ride, you will always meet riders with the same hobbies in different places, and you will find that there are more and more friends who ride together;

6.Riding together will make your riding level higher and higher; there will always be a faster riding partner in the team, who will lead the way every time. After you ride with them for a long time, you will find that Your riding level is also taken to another level.


1.Do not act alone, be sure to follow the team closely, and are not allowed to leave the riding team without authorization. Without the permission of the team leader, other team members cannot surpass the first leading rider to control the speed of the team to ensure safety;

2.Pay attention to keep the distance between the front and rear vehicles (one car is the safe distance between the front car and the rear workshop), and when going downhill at high speed, it is 20-25 meters. Generally, a single-row formation is used, and a double-row formation can be used when the road surface is spacious; avoid making impossible Foreseeable actions that catch the players behind them by surprise and cause accidents (such as sudden line changes, sudden braking, etc.);

3.When overtaking, you must first check whether there is an oncoming vehicle in front or behind to avoid collision with the front and rear vehicles; overtake from the left side, and park on the right side;

4.Team members need to deal with the situation by themselves or report to the team leader (such as dropped objects, punctured tires, physical decline, etc.) and can signal the rear team members to overtake from the left. If the rear team members want to overtake, they should call the front team members and wait for the front team members to respond You can overtake from the left after the rear;

5.Obey the traffic rules while riding, do not run through red lights, and do not ride in violation of regulations;

6.When passing by any stopped vehicle, be sure to keep a safe distance of more than 1.5 meters to prevent the door from opening suddenly. If the road is too narrow to keep a sufficient safety distance, reduce the speed to less than 15km/h;

7.Pay attention to the entrance of the community on the right side of the road, the entrance of the unit and the entrance of the small alley, those are far more dangerous places than the intersection;

8.Do not bump into things on the road and around while riding, and concentrate on riding;

9.It is forbidden to talk, laugh and play on the road, especially the pursuit of two people;

10.It is strictly forbidden to pick up the car. When encountering a big uphill, it is better to push the car up, and it is absolutely not allowed to pick up the motor vehicle;

11.Try to avoid answering and calling mobile phones, listening to walkmans and other behaviors when riding a bicycle;

12.Do not drink to excess.

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