Road tubeless tire replacement teaching

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I believe that in recent years, many cyclists have tried and experienced the excellence and convenience of the tubeless system in the development of bicycles. The tubeless system not only can quickly repair the tires, but also improves the efficiency, comfort, handling, and stability, combined with the appropriate specifications. The wheelset, wheel frame, and bead can be perfectly compatible, achieving high air tightness, more stable performance, and a trans-epochal design that can prevent tires from breaking.

The tubeless system is characterized by no need for air compressors, which makes riding easier for cyclists!

There are 5 steps to replace tubeless tires. The parts to be prepared are tubeless tires, rims with the same specifications, needle-nose pliers, measuring needles, leak-filling fluids, and pumps. When you are ready, let us it for cyclists. Detailed DIY teaching!

1. First of all, disassemble all the accessories on the air nozzle. The air heart is sometimes tightly locked. It is recommended to prepare removal tools, such as needle-nose pliers.

2. Find the corresponding position of the air nozzle of the rim, first, insert the air core into the tube body, and then close the tire and the wheel frame.

3. Fully squeeze the bead into the joint of the wheelset, and check repeatedly to confirm that the two are completely tight, and then lock the nut of the valve after completion.

4. Take out the measuring syringe again, and use the scale in the cylinder to accurately measure the amount of leak-filling fluid used. The volume of the leak-filling fluid required by the tires is not the same. Check the required volume of the leak-filling fluid before installing it.

5. Finally, use a general pump to inflate the installed tubeless tire.

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