Solve 5 small faults to avoid your bike ride slower and slower

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When you are struggling to save money and buy a new bike, it feels really good to get a new bike. You fall in love with its beautiful painting, the wheelset that moves with just one step, the extremely precise shifting…use your free time to accompany it, and even sleep with it at night.

However, as time passed, until one day, you started to ignore it, and your bike ran to you and asked you: “So love will disappear, right?” But you look at your friend’s pair of lighter wheels. Groupset, that set of faster gear shifting…

Is the boat of friendship between you and your bike overturned? I don’t think so, it may just need a little maintenance, and then it will come back to you full of energy. Here are some common glitches to help you realize whether your bike is starting to slow down, and how to fix it.

1. abnormal noise in the bottom bracket

Once your bike can be walked on as soon as you step on it, now it is replaced by a kind of swing between the cranks and a faint sound.

The bottom bracket is located at the bottom bracket of the frame, and the direct PowerPoint of the whole bike: the chainring is rotating around it. As time goes by, the bearings in the bottom bracket begin to wear, and over time, unhealthy conditions will appear.

Generally speaking, when to replace the bottom bracket depends on your riding intensity and mileage. When you step on it, you feel more strenuous. After a while, you will hear some unfriendly “creaking noises”. At this time, you have to think about whether the bottom bracket is causing trouble.

After you confirm that the bottom bracket is faulty, it is recommended to replace the bottom bracket directly in this case. Replace worn and consumable parts to improve transmission efficiency. Worn bottom brackets must be replaced!

2. Worn tires

Shoes have a great influence on clothing, right? The tires are bicycle shoes. High-quality tires can turn a slow bicycle into an amazing speed machine. First of all, old tires will be very weak and may leave scratches or perforations on the rubber, which means that tire blowouts can easily occur when the bicycle is driving. So, if your tire looks cracked, replacing it as soon as possible is the best option.

In the case of a flat tire and a flat tire on the road, first aid is needed. At this time, the Beto pump that I carried with me came into use.

The tires on road bikes have very low rolling resistance. Most of them are folding tires. These tires are made of a flexible rubber compound and have a high TPI (TPI: the mesh density, which is simply: Number of rubber fibers per inch).

On mountain bikes, the choice of a tire depends on the place and the conditions you want to ride. You want to roll faster on dry terrain, and grip is your number one problem in wet environments.

3. The transmission is not working

Do you have this encounter? You plan to conquer the mountains in front of your friends, but you stop pedaling mid-range. What happened? The transmission “strikes”, right? There are many reasons for the “strike” of the transmission. First of all, it takes time for the transmission to send the speed signal sent by the finger dial or manual change to the front or back dial, and then the front and rear dials will complete the speed change. If there is a problem in this step, it is very likely that the line pipe system is worn and worn. At this time, you need to replace a new line pipe system, which may cost you some dollars.

If it is in other cases, it is necessary to consider whether the chain, chainring, and flywheel are worn out. If you maintain these parts frequently, their wear rate will become very slow. In this case, push your bike to a bicycle shop, replace the worn parts, and your bicycle will look new.

4. Upgrade your wheelset

Unless you spend a lot of money when buying the whole bike, most bikes are equipped with fairly entry-level wheels. It is understood that novice riders may think that the entry wheelset is not bad, but the original wheelset will soon be “not enough to ride” after the entry.

The wheelset has a great influence on a bicycle. The lighter low-frame wheels will greatly reduce the overall weight of the bicycle, which will help to conquer the mountains in your mind. The high-frame wheels will bring you excellent aerodynamic advantages and bring you unimaginable speed. And many wheels will respond quickly and roll quickly, so goodbye to dragging your feet.

If you want to upgrade your bike without having to buy a new frame will make a big difference, then upgrading the wheels is your best choice.

5. Small abnormalities in the cushion

Feeling wrong while riding? Are you uncomfortable sitting? As the riding time changes, your old cushion may no longer meet your needs. Choosing the right cushion will alleviate the pain caused by this problem.

Many people are thinking about how to get better fitness benefits from bicycles, but they ignore the pain caused by cycling. Incorrect riding posture can cause various problems: knee pain, hip pain, back pain, wrist pain. This situation can be alleviated by learning from others’ riding postures and doing static or dynamic fitting (fitting is not a one-time fit, as the riding time increases, the body’s adaptability is also changing, such as weight and flexibility. Wait, the bicycle also needs to be changed at this time).

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