Some information about the derailleur hangers

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The rear derailleur is bolted to the hangar next to the right rear release. As shown in the picture below´╝Ü

If the bike is dropped or crashed, the derailleur hangers will often bend slightly, which is especially common when off-road. This can interfere with gear changes. However, the advantage of replaceable hangers is that they bend and break before the chainstay or hanger. The hangers can then be bent backward or replaced. Interchangeable hangers are proprietary to each frame and are often not interchangeable. However, manufacturers often stock them as replacement parts, and your bike store should be able to determine which one to order. If the manufacturer cannot be reached, there are third-party manufacturers and sellers of these hangers.

You can usually notice the bent hangers visually. In less obvious cases, bike stores have special tools to measure if the hangers are bent and bend them backward.

Recently, we are also doing the clearance of road bike frames. If you are interested, you can go to the official website to check the details!

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