Some introduction to mountain bike

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Mountain bikes, abbreviated as MTB, are bikes with stronger wheels (usually 29 inches or 27.5 inches) and wider tires (at least 2 inches wide) for off-road riding. They also feature flat handlebars that provide better control than sway bars in very rough terrain, and the frame geometry of modern mountain bikes is also quite different from road bikes, which both tend to have a relatively upright position.

Mountain bikes are usually equipped with front suspension (hardtail) or front and rear suspension (full suspension). (Rigid) Mountain bikes without any suspension do exist, they require more careful route selection. In the past, soft tail mountain bikes had a small, low-travel suspension with the seat stays attached to the frame.

The weight of MFM200 is only 1200g. It is characterized by 3K carbon fiber weaving, which is harder and more textured. Fits a 31.6mm seat post. Belongs to the ultra-light, strong, and durable type. Switch at will between quick release and thru-axle, quick-release string and thru-axle string can change each other according to the style of derailleur hitch.

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