Some knowledge about bike handlebars

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The handlebar is the part of the bike that you hold in your hand. As you turn the handlebar, the front wheel turns with it. The handlebar clamps to the handlebar and the fork steerer.

Broadly speaking, there are flat handlebars on mountain bikes and hybrids, and drop handlebars at the end of a handlebar that curves under the flat section. Flat handlebars provide better control in rough terrain. Drop handlebars are used on road and gravel bikes, and they offer a variety of hand positions.

If you are changing handlebars, their main characteristic is their width. For boom bars, one guideline for road bikes is that the bars should be roughly equal to your shoulder width. gravel riders often choose relatively wide handlebars, and they also choose flared handlebars with a wider dropout than the hood. Professional road racers are increasingly choosing narrower bars. Mountain bike handlebars are much wider than road handlebars and are often trimmed to the desired length after some experimentation.

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