Some small knowledge about bike saddles!

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The saddle is a small accessory in the bicycle. Without it, a perfect bike frame may not be able to appear. Therefore, the saddle also plays a very important role in assembling a perfect bicycle. Let us come together below. Let’s talk a little bit about bike saddles.

The saddle part is composed of a seat cushion, a seated bow, a seat tube, and a seat tube bundle. Determining the height of the saddle is an integral part of the road bike setup, as it affects how far the rider can stretch the pedals. If the saddle is too low, the muscles of the legs cannot be fully stretched when stepping on it, and the legs cannot be stepped on efficiently, and the legs are easily fatigued; while the saddle is too high, it will reduce the strength when stepping, and the leg muscles will be overstretched for a long time, there is a risk of cramping in the legs.

Generally, the height of your crotch is multiplied by a fixed factor (such as 0.870, 0.875, 0.885, or 0.893) to determine the height of the saddle, which refers to the distance from the center high point of the saddle to the center axis along the riser. After the height of the saddle is determined, and then fine-tuned by the rider’s personal feeling, the fatigue, and injury of long-term riding can be reduced.

In addition, the saddle should also be kept level. If the saddle is too upward, it will cause discomfort when riding, and may compress the nerve; if the saddle is too downward, it will make the body lean forward and cause the arms to bear too much weight. Finally, the front and rear position of the saddle is also an important factor that affects the pedaling force. If the saddle is positioned forward because the thighs cannot be fully stretched forward, it will affect the efficiency of pedaling, and only the feet centered on the quadriceps of the thigh are mainly used. Muscles are not suitable for long-distance riding.

When the saddle is in the rear, it will cause the feet to move forward too much, and it will not be able to pedal smoothly and reduce the performance. However, it is possible to move the center of gravity slightly backwards when going downhill, which can make the riding more stable.

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