Special tools for carbon fiber bicycles

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Whether you are away from home or cycling at home, simple maintenance and maintenance of the bike is a compulsory course for cyclists. For cyclists with carbon fiber bicycles, this compulsory course is even more important. Let’s take a look. See what tools this compulsory course needs to get into the classroom!

Torque wrench

A torque wrench is a set of necessary tools for bicycles, especially for carbon fiber products. If you are a frequent traveler, loading, and transfer, frequent disassembly, and assembly of the seat tube and other parts are inevitable, then a handy portable torque wrench will definitely come in handy.

Torque wrenches can not only prevent the carbon fiber products on the bike from being damaged by “strengthening the miracle”, but also prevent the parts on the bike from accidentally loosening due to the sub-standard torque. The editor once used the seat tube clamp screw on the bike because of the miracle. It broke, but fortunately, it didn’t hurt the carbon fiber seat tube on the bike.

It should be noted that the torque wrench needs to be calibrated after being used for a period of time, depending on the brand and model of the product.

Carbon fiber anti-skidding gel

Carbon fiber anti-skidding gel is used to enhance the friction of the carbon fiber surface, most of which are used in the seat tube to solve the problem of seat tube sliding. There are also some cyclists who choose toothpaste and other remedies to replace the anti-slip agent. As for whether it is good or not, and whether there are any better alternatives, wait for your feedback in the comment area. If it is a cyclist who maintains or assembles a bike at home, then A tube of carbon fiber anti-slip agent is definitely a necessity.


If you want to cut carbon fiber head tubes and seat tubes at home, since traditional tube cutting tools are not suitable for carbon fiber products, a hand saw is also one of the indispensable tools. If you want to complete the cutting of carbon fiber products at home, in addition to the hand saw, the following two items are also very important.

Upper column cutting guide for toothless front fork

If you don’t want your head tube or seat tube to be sawed in a wavy shape, or the length is too short, then you must buy a cutting guide. Of course, the guide is not very cost-effective for cyclists, unless you often install the bicycle or For saw seat tube and head tube, there are also many DIY modified guides on the market. Although the effect is not very good, it with lower price.

Sanding tools

After completing the sawing of the seat tube and the head tube, sanding off the carbon fiber burrs of the thorns is the last process, so sandpaper and other sanding tools also are the necessary tools. For model players, this process is similar to the treatment of the nozzle. of.

Tips: Do not use strong acids, strong alkalis (cleaners, sweat, salt), and other chemical-containing cleaning agents to clean carbon fiber products. Please use special cleaning agents, such as Muc-Off, MBI series, and other products.

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