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Take a look at the twelve main bike categories

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A road bike or a MTB Bike? Suffering from “choice difficulty” when choosing between different types of bikes? How can I choose a bike that best for me?

Just as the saying goes, each bike has its own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a bike, it depends more on our “taste”. Riding environment and distance are all factors in the choice. Without further ado, here is a list of different bike types:

1. The road bike

“Light” is a synonym for road bike, also makes it the first choice for pavement road high-speed travel, big wheel diameter, narrow tires make it has very low road resistance, provide a higher road speed, but also let its grip is reduced, and extremely vulnerable to sidewalk, vertical drainage channels and other “traps” damage; As a result of besides bike owner, thief also loves them very much, make bike disadvantageous park is kept, have bearing capacity almost, riding posture is more aggressive, comfortable sex is inferior, suit sport, competition to use only. 

Advantages: light weight, high speed

Disadvantages: more aggressive posture (more prone), lower passability, no bearing capacity

2. The Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike (MTB), as the name implies is for the rugged mountain forest road and born; Disc brake, rough tires, high strength, and full shock absorbers it, let more bike friends find adequate riding confidence

All sorts of technology of mountain bike are pair of mountayin road and targeted research and development, if bike friend your “ambition” is not on off-road, choose other type of bicycle may be more suitable, the mountain bike on the pavement highway not only drag feet, and the technology that heavy money buys also “martial arts all waste”.

Advantages: strong braking force, passability, cross-country performance, can cross the mountain forest road

Disadvantages: heavy, flat tire performance is very drag, low speed

3. Crossover model — “flat bar road bike”

 Flat bar road bike is different from the traditional bent handle bike, the basic characteristics of the flat, swallow, and the use of highway 700c wheel diameter with wide tires, can not only more to meet the demand of the road, and wide tires also can provide better comfort level, bicycle equipped with “V” brake , “road clip” and even a mountain bike with disc brake.

Low-end “flat bar road bike” transmission are mainly used in the internal three variable speed, mountain variable speed kit, while high-end models are more high-speed internal variable speed or dedicated “flat bar road bike” variable speed kit; Road Bike is designed for comfortable, fast and light riding on the road, mainly used for sports, leisure, entertainment, outing, travel, transportation and commuting.

Advantage: have the speed that compares road bike, comfortable riding posture

Disadvantages: basically consistent with the road bike

4. Crossover type — “mountain road bike”

The basic definition of “mountain road bike” is: the use of a conventional mountain bike modified into paved road flat running high-speed mode is equipped, the original shock absorbers fork into a hard fork, bare tire and other elements used to brush the road (only on the paved road), do not participate in the off-road.

But inevitably, the mountain road bike has neither the off-road performance of a real mountain bike, nor the speed and lightness of a road bike, making it an awkward place to cross from a mountain bike to a road bike.

Advantages: possess the comfortable riding posture of mountain bike, and can be replaced by accessories to “return to normal”

Disadvantages: speed, weight are not as “flat road bike”, less than the passing of the mountain bike, “decathlon, everything is not good”

5. Urban Bicycling

The most attractive feature of Urban Bicycling is its simplicity. The bicycle structure is very simple, and it almost has the huge advantage of “maintenance free”. In recent years, the Urban Bicycling is moving closer to “restoring ancient ways”. It is exquisite, comfortable and has a “literary style”, which has also become a unique landscape line in the city.

Advantages: practical, elegant, indestructible (high reliability)

Disadvantages: also due to its leisure transport main function, resulting in its “heavy and slow” characteristics

6. Touring bike

Touring bike bike is this “on the list” in the category, practical row and the second model! Professional long-distance touring bikes are mainly steel frame, equipped with road bike 700C or more popular mountain bike 26-inch wheel group, targeted design makes it has a very high strength, durability, strong ability to mount also let it can easily “pull home with a family”, carrying supplies for months, equipment on the journey.

Advantages: high strength, strong durability, strong versatility, large bearing capacity

Disadvantages: high weight, short distance use more cumbersome.

 7. E-bike

E-bike (Electric Bike) and ordinary bicycle and electric bike the biggest difference, lies in its unique “hybrid”; “Electric power” is an organic combination of the trample torque and the motor torque, the trample torque is active, the motor torque is auxiliary, the motor can be closed to ride, stop the trample but will not move forward, unlike a simple electric bike, turning the handle will automatically move forward.

Isn’t riding a bicycle a human step? Why do we need other forces to help us move? Mountain biking not only allows riders to enjoy a long downhill ride, but also encourages riders to pedal uphill in their own right. Reality, not every point is pro cyclists (especially women), has a long time to exercise and leg strength, fitness, before to enjoy pleasure of mountain road cycling downhill, may well have been up hill road to death, and downhill riding frank at the same time, still need the knight’s enough physical control car, so, it will cut out most of the fun riding, and E – Bike, it is will be a long distance, the mountain road riding fun magnified “best toys”.

Advantages: any rider can easily enjoy a variety of riding fun.

Disadvantages: need to be recharged, the body is heavier, more expensive than conventional bikes.

8. Folding bikes

Folding bikes are the best at short bike rides, commutes, and hybrid biking.

Folding bike is the most popular model among commuters in big cities. Compact folding bike can even sit under a desk. In some cities in China, folding bike can be connected by buses, subways and other means of transportation during the rush hour, making it the best solution for urban transportation.

Pros: compact, top choice for city commuters.

Disadvantages: passability, handling, strength, rigidity, comfort and other “performance indicators” have decreased.

Folding bikes

9. Extension model of folding bicycle — “small wheel bicycles”

“Small wheel bicycles” has long been popular “inch gold scale earth” in Beijing, and widely, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions such as the dozens of years, its frame is like a road bike scaling petite, it significantly reduced parking space occupied at home, not only meet the metropolis person pursuit of speed, also suitable for more than the big wheel bicycle for riders with low altitude(including women).

Advantages: compact, suitable for low altitude and limited family space

Disadvantages: handling, comfort and other “performance indicators” are not as good as the conventional large wheel bicycle models.

10.Gravel Bike (road bike)

Gravel Bike is not equivalent to cyclo-cross /CX. It is a one-bike “all-purpose road” that can be used for commuting, biking, hiking, training, grocery shopping, and even racing (long-distance endurance). Simply speaking, it is the combination of road racing (configuration) and endurance racing (comfort geometry). Its unique taste, quickly formed a wave of popularity, by the north American, Canadian knights love, can also be seen from the brand manufacturers in recent years to change the model, Gravel has gradually eliminated the original endurance, long-distance, comfortable road models.

The cost of assembling or purchasing an entry-level Gravel Bike is not much different from that of the “mountain bike”, but instead it has better paved road speed, lower total bicycle weight, greater comfort, and the same strong passability. Why not?

Advantages: have less than the speed of road bike, less than XC mountain bike through sex, off-road ability, comfortable geometric design

Disadvantages: does not have the heavy off-road performance, the coarse tooth tires will also reduce its speed on the pavement road

Gravel Bike

11. Fixed Gear

Fixed Gear (Track Bike), its rear Gear and rear wheel flower drum is completely Fixed, and the ordinary bicycle, flywheel is “alive”, so the Fixed Gear bike is also known as “dead flying bicycles”, because the flywheel is “dead”, the rider can control the rear wheel through the pedal to slow down and brake; Of course, from the accident rate significantly higher than that of other models every year, it can be seen that fixed-gear bikes are still very dangerous when the brakes are not installed, which is so harmful to traffic that some countries have already banned the non-braking fixed-gear bikes on the road.

12. “extreme sports”

“BMX”, “climbing bike”, “DJ bikes”, “slope bike” and so on are the representatives of bicycle extreme sports, because its emphasis is more technology and action style, and the common bicycle use is far from.

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