Talk about how to rock the road bike correctly

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I have just been in contact with road bikes for a few months, and I have come out of my ignorance and practice of rocking bicycles. The first point of rocking a bicycle must be understood and not wrong. “My biggest mistake is to step on the left side when rocking the bicycle, and the whole body will go to the left”, so if you don’t understand or don’t understand, you must not rock the bicycle wrongly. Fortunately, I met a famous teacher to help me correct it, otherwise, it will appear sooner or later. Danger. Now let’s talk about how to rock a bicycle and how to rock a road bike!

1. Lock pedals, lock shoes, and lock: Whether you are an experienced person or a novice, the most heard sentence is, don’t play a road bike unless it is locked. I will give two examples of reasons:

1): The front wheel of a road bike is close to the chainring. If it is not locked, if your foot is slightly longer or in the middle and back position when turning, it is easy to rub the front wheel and fall. Of course, this chance is very small, but it’s not impossible, I hope everyone will pay attention)

2): When cycling for a long time or climbing hills and cycling on bumpy roads, if you do not lock your shoes, it is easy to slip. Example: I was waiting for the traffic light when I didn’t lock my shoes, and accidentally slipped my left foot and hit my leg. It was all blue and it hurt.)

Therefore, the necessary conditions for the road bike to shake bicycle must be locked. The above is a summary of my personal experience and must be locked. Of course, many experienced people will say “muscle correction” and other high-level words, which are very reasonable. I just give you an easy-to-understand suggestion.

2. What’s the role of the rocking bicycle: The premise is that if you don’t know the role of the rocking bicycle, then you have to look here. Remember, don’t ignorantly think that rocking a bicycle is a cool thing, “I thought so too.”

Someone with experience told me some time ago that the role of non-professional bicycle hand-cranked bike is just that.

1): After cycling for a long time, buttocks burp panic. If you shake the bicycle for a while, it will help the blood circulation in the crotch. The most important thing is that the experienced cyclists said “can effectively avoid prostatitis”, indicating that he did not understand, but he still feels good and bad)

2): Rocking the bicycle uphill is the most common. I have also tried to sit uphill, but in terms of confidence and strength, it is more comfortable to rock the bicycle uphill in the end. I don’t understand why, how comfortable it is anyway Come on)

3): The most common attack in the Tour de France is to sprint the bicycle. This is against the sky. I haven’t learned it yet. I heard it is quite dangerous. And as a recreational rider, learn if you have the opportunity, there is no need to make yourself like a professional rider)

3. Practical technology of rocking bicycle: According to my own experience and the guidance of experienced cyclists, I have also summed up such a few tips on rocking. In fact, it is similar to many rocking experiences. I think no matter how difficult the technique is, as long as you pierce this layer of window paper, there is no secret at all. The main thing is that if someone can take you, you have the confidence to complete it.

1): Bow forward, step on the right foot, and rock the body to the left, vice versa, move the body vertically up and down “Don’t lean”, use the most familiar words “the bicycle shakes the person without shaking”. )

Note: It’s impossible to succeed in one shot. Try it slowly and shake it out. I feel that it is really difficult to learn.

4. the gear ratio of the rocking bicycle: Sometimes the rocking bicycle feels weak or empty, and it is easy to understand that “no feeling at all, no power on the feet”. If you understand, try changing the gear ratio. Tip: Be sure to position your gear ratio according to your foot strength.

(On flat roads, use slightly heavier gears according to your own foot strength. It is easy to understand that “the front gear depends on your physical strength, and the rear gear changes from large to small, whichever feels heavier.”)

(When going uphill, the gears are changed from small or medium to big gear in turn. If you change to big gear, you can rock the bicycle. This depends on my own habit, I have no choice but to “I can’t step on it.” When I don’t know how to rock the bicycle, the uphill road bike is not a grade problem than the mountain bike. If you understand it, like it, the codeword is hard)

5. Cautions for rocking: It is recommended that you rock the bicycle when driving straight on a flat road and when you go uphill. In heartbreaking situations such as curves, downhills, crowds, complex terrain, potholes, etc. Ride slowly and honestly. Remember: rocking a bicycle is a means and cannot be used blindly.

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