That little thing about bike “carbon fiber”!

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Advantages of carbon fiber frames
The carbon fiber frame is characterized by "light weight, good rigidity and good shock absorption". However, it does not seem technically easy to take full advantage of the excellent properties of carbon fiber, and the quality of carbon fiber materials varies widely from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Given the cost, it's unlikely that bike manufacturers will use high-end carbon fiber for their frames. Despite these practical issues, carbon fiber frames have advantages that other materials don't have, making for a lightweight bike of around 8 or 9 kilograms. This carbon fiber lightweight bike has the most edge when it comes to climbing, which is smooth and quick. Unlike some lightweight aluminum frames, you can feel a force pulling back on the climbs.
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① Lightweight frames can be made

Carbon fiber frames are made by laminating carbon fibers in the direction of stress generation to obtain strength. The carbon fiber frame is very light, which is the result of its density and strong tensile strength.

② Good impact absorption

Carbon fiber has an excellent performance in absorbing impact, but the quality varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer, and some are very stiff, so this frame is only good or bad after a ride.

③ Various shapes of frames can be manufactured

The basic method of molding carbon fiber is to lay the fiber sheet on the mold and then flow into the resin and fire it to solidify. Various shapes of frames can be made.

Carbon Fiber Types

① Full Carbon

All the carbon fiber bike parts are made of carbon fiber material.

② Semi-Carbon

Many bikes are made of aluminum alloy + carbon fiber. For example, a frame may be made of carbon for the top tube and aluminum for the rest (or carbon for the rear triangle —), carbon fiber for the front fork arm, and aluminum for the front fork tube, so it can be said to be semi-carbon.

③ Carbon wrapped
Some frames, handlebars, grips, cranks, forks, seat posts, and other accessories, the manufacturer made of aluminum, and then wrapped in a layer of carbon cloth on the surface, which is something wrapped in carbon.