The correct way to wear a helmet

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Regarding the importance of helmets and gloves, let’s not mention them. Everyone should know them very well, and they should wear them every time they ride a bicycle. However, if there is no correct way to wear it, does everyone feel the same as not wearing it? The helmet must be worn horizontally and cannot be tilted forward or backward!

The correct method is as follows:

How does the helmet protect you? If you fall, the helmet will break, not you. The purpose of the helmet is to rupture, which is what the helmet should do. The material used in the helmet is a kind of material that breaks when it is hit by a sudden impact. When the head hits something, the helmet will shatter or break. This is the role of the helmet to protect the head. (That’s why the helmet is called the “head bucket”) The helmet is designed to withstand at least one impact! After any collision, the old helmet must be replaced. This is what the helmet does

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