The difference between bearing hub and ball hub

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The various rolling bearings used in bicycles (mainly hubs, bottom brackets, headsets, pedals) can be simply divided into bearing and ball gear bearings.

So what exactly are bearing shaft and ball gear bearing?

The bearing shaft actually refers to a shaft that uses an industrial deep groove ball bearing assembly as a rolling bearing. The structure can be seen in the figure below. Its characteristic is that it can be repaired by replacing the bearing assembly when damaged.

The ball gear bearing is composed of a bowl, a shaft gear, and a ball in the middle. They and the hub body together form a large bearing. Because the ball does not need to use a cage-like industrial bearing, the ball gear structure bearing of the same size can accommodate more More balls, and each ball has a larger contact area, which can withstand greater pressure.

All Trifox carbon fiber road bike wheelset RW100 Series are use bearing hubs.

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