The difference between mountain bikes and road bikes

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Anyone who loves cycling will know that bicycles are mainly divided into four categories.

The first category is civilian vehicles, which are the most common transportation vehicles;

The second category is mountain bikes with thick tires;

The third category is called climbing car;

Another category is road bikes. The road car used in the competition, we usually call it “racing car”.


Road 700C is equivalent to 28 inches, and mountain bikes have a wheel diameter of 26 inches; mountain bike tires are usually above 1.9″ (1.5″ may be used for special tracks), while road bike tires are mostly around 20mm wide.

Handlebar controls

In order to ride on rugged mountain roads and pursue control, the mountain bike uses a wider handlebar, while the road pursues speed and reduces wind resistance, so the handlebar is narrower.


On bumpy roads in the mountains, the consideration is the combination of lightweight and hard work, while the focus of road considerations is pedaling rigidity and lightweight. Road bikes are usually slender (and aerodynamically designed frames are thicker in recent years), while mountain bikes are stronger. The frame angle of the mountain bike is very particular, and the angle of the road bike is similar. Mountain bikes have thicker axles, while road bikes have more delicate axles. At present, with the application of manufacturing technology and high-tech materials, it is difficult to find any similarities between the two frames except for the basic structure.


Mountain bikes require powerful, powerful braking, and all-weather braking systems. The earliest mountain bikes used a suspension brake system and the V-shaped brakes that appeared later provided better braking performance. The best braking system now is the disc brakes, or disc brakes, introduced by motorcycles. In addition to braking power, the most important thing about road bikes is lightweight.

Front fork

The front fork of the mountain bike is an important part of the mountain bike. It has high technological content, a combination of performance and comfort, rigidity and lightweight, while the front fork of the road bike is just a part related to the frame.


Weight is very important for mountains and roads. During competitions, mountain bikes can reach 12.5kg, while the maximum limit for roads is 10.5kg. The heavier the car, the more energy you consume, virtually increasing your excess consumption.


The appearance of the mountain is complicated, and there is no road. It feels simple and smooth. Of course, some of them cannot be seen by their appearance. What needs to be seen is the overall effect of the car, especially during the riding process. Mountain bikes feel relatively stable, and comfortable, and have very good maneuverability and braking; all road bikes are designed to emphasize speed because the narrow tire width has high requirements on the road surface, and wet and slippery roads are easy to slip and have poor flexibility.

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