The essential braking points of riding a bicycle

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Most cyclists care about how to start, how to maintain the bicycle, and how to avoid physical injuries to the body, but they often encounter obstacles along the way, so mastering braking skills are extremely important.

The main purpose of the brake is to control the speed of the bike. Do not lock the wheel. If the wheel is locked while driving, the rider will be affected by certain inertia and will fall forward or fall, causing bodily injury. Therefore, we should remind all riders, Never brake hard.

Brake Essentials

1、Keeping abreast of road conditions and looking away can avoid emergency braking, which can cause unnecessary danger.

2、Brake with your body weight backward, straighten your arms and hips backward to improve driving stability.

3、You can use the spot braking technique to prevent the wheels from locking up and causing danger.

4、Don’t brake the rear wheels on curves, as they will slip due to tailspin and cause personal injury.

The best way to brake – click the brake and coast to the end

Alternating left and right braking can cool down the brake system. Don‘t hold the brake tightly for a long time, otherwise, the braking effect will be reduced due to the overheating of the brake block or rim, or the danger of a hot tube explosion will occur.


Novices should practice braking the rear wheel first and coast to the end.

When the veteran is going downhill, the main brake should be the front wheel, do not brake suddenly, and slow down by friction.

Beginners do not recommend the front wheel braking method. In case of bad road conditions, it is best to get out of the car and push it to pass safely.

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