The importance of AERO cyclists in a good cycling team

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“AERO” is a professional term for bicycle competition, which refers to the fact that under high-speed riding, the cyclist needs to break through the air resistance to achieve the fastest speed. The team’s “AERO cyclists” play the role of disrupting the opponent’s pace. They were covered the main general and finally helped the main general to win.

In road racing, riders face two of their greatest enemies: wind resistance and gravity.

Gravity is mainly felt when climbing a slope. The greater the slope, the more difficult it is. If you ride on flat ground, wind resistance, also known as air resistance, is a problem that the entire team needs to solve.

Almost all strategies and tactics of road racing revolve around wind resistance. Bicycle designers have racked their brains to design a streamlined body with low wind resistance. Riders adjust their posture in a timely manner to reduce the contact surface with the air, so as to achieve the highest speed.

Generally speaking, the faster the speed, the greater the wind resistance, especially after the speed reaches 30km/h, the more obvious, so the rider will wear goggles and helmets. When the speed reaches a certain level, the rider must use almost all his strength to resist the wind resistance. At this time, if someone in the front “AERO”, the rider in the middle can save 30% of the effort.

In a team, except for the “line runners”, all other members are “AERO cyclists”. The “AERO cyclists” is a dedicated existence, and the team members take turns to serve. The “AERO cyclists” are also classified according to their respective abilities, such as “sprinters” who are good at acceleration on flat ground, “climbers” with strong mountaineering ability, and “all-around players” who perform well on flat and mountain roads. They are responsible for leading the “line runners” in different stages, contributing all their strengths, and helping the “line rushers” to successfully cross the line and win the championship.

Therefore, the word “AERO” contains the dual meanings of bravery and silent dedication. The drivers strictly adhere to the strategy, perform their respective duties, and go all out to fight for the glory of the team together.

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