The method of variable speed system tuning

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Adjustment of the variable speed system: After the brake adjustment is completed, what needs to be done is to adjust the variable speed system of the bicycle.

The speed change system is related to the comfort of riding. Poor adjustment may cause a good speed change system to operate normally, and even the chain may fall off during riding, which will endanger the safety of riders.

We must first observe the installation of the chain, and we need to pay attention to the length of the chain. If the chain is too long, the derailleur will not work properly. When adjusting, hang the front and rear derailleurs of the variable speed system on the smallest tooth plate.

If the derailleur does not work normally at this time, it means that the chain is too long, and the chain needs to be cut short to ensure that the rear derailleur can work normally.

We can notice that there are 2 screws in the rear derailleur. These 2 screws are used as limiters. The one written with H is the control of the high-speed gear. By tightening it, the derailleur is biased inward to prevent the chain from slipping out of the smallest gear. When adjusting, it is necessary to adjust the speed change to a position slightly deviated from the vertical surface of the smallest tooth, which can facilitate the smooth speed change of the smallest tooth.

The one written with L is the limit control of the low-speed gear. By tightening it, the gear shift is biased toward the outside of the wheel. When adjusting, the gear shift is adjusted to the outside of the largest tooth. Because the largest tooth is a gear that is not used for a long time, It can be easily adjusted to a high-speed gear, which can prevent the chain from getting caught in the wheel.

After adjusting the position of the speed change, what needs to be adjusted is the positioning of the speed change. It should be noted that first put the speed change to the minimum gear. If the wire is too loose, loosen the screw on the speed change, tighten the steel wire, and then adjust.

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