The wrong posture is destroying your shoulders

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The handlebar is too long? The wrong posture is destroying your shoulders

A longer handlebar means more stable handling, right? “Usually, the short answer from riders is “YES”.
However, for a rider with a height of 1.9 meters, the 800mm long handlebar will give the rider a super comfortable and stable experience during the ride, while effectively maintaining the stability of the shoulder control and smooth turning. Sex. It seems that everything is perfect, but for the majority of ordinary riders, too long a handlebar brings comfort and also tends to hurt your shoulders invisibly.

Too long handlebar will reduce the range of physical activity

Looking back on the recent mountain cross-country trips, you felt your shoulder pain? If this happens frequently, it’s time to re-evaluate the riding posture during off-roading. In the cross-country process, the most stable posture should be a slight external rotation of the humerus (upper arm bone), the elbows are slightly lowered, and the shoulder blades sink backward. It is a bit like the meaning of “sinking shoulders and falling elbows” in traditional Chinese martial arts. Such actions can stabilize the scapula and shoulder joint muscle tissue, and effectively improve and cope with the range of physical activity in the cross-country drop. The opposite movement (elbow, shoulder shrug), usually because the handlebar is too long, the force will not be smooth, the movement will become stiff, which greatly increases the risk of shoulder joint injury.

Aaron Gwin’s perfect posture

Let’s take a look at how downhill champion Aaron Gwin maintains the correct cross-country posture on the field-notice that his shoulders are not high, the upper arms are slightly externally rotated, and the positioning of his elbows: elbows and handlebars It’s close to the level, and it’s not raised high, close to the shoulder. The whole action is very standard! Aaron Gwin has incredible strength, strong back rotator cuff, and scapular muscles, which can help him to accept the rapid impact of a continuous drop and maintain stability.

Wrong posture comparison

Just like running, it is difficult to perceive what your movements are like during the riding process, so it is best to take a good friend to rush the mountain, which can help you record the riding posture. When reviewing the riding video, you can check whether your elbow and shoulder movements are wrong. Is the elbow raised exaggeratedly and the shoulders raised? If this is the case, you may need to replace it with a shorter handlebar.

The key is to find a balance between the position that can effectively control the shoulders and elbows and how comfortable you feel. Remember, the perfect balance point may not be an 800mm long handlebar

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