Those who love to ride must go to Tibet in China

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Bicycles are the most successful means of transportation invented by mankind. With bicycles, people can go farther, and the world seems to be a lot bigger all at once. Bicycles can take us to see the world, see great rivers and mountains, ride wherever we want to go, challenge ourselves, surpass ourselves, and realize our dreams.

The scenery along the way is so beautiful that you can get close to nature at an unpleasant speed. Those mountains and valleys, rivers and streams, towns and villages, sunrise and sunset, cloudy, sunny, rainy and foggy, and the fragrance of birds and flowers can only be experienced first. The hardship on the road enriches us, and the experience on the road allows us to grow.

The roads are steep and the weather is changeable. Maybe the sky is clear one second, or the next second is dark clouds. Although the road ahead is full of hardships, it is also a road full of magic and beauty, so that everyone who walks will leave an indelible memory in his mind.

It’s mysterious, it’s the surface closest to heaven, the closest place to centrifugation

The longing for this mysterious land, like many pilgrims, step by step toward the faith in the heart. The beautiful Nam Co, God-like Tibet, conquered it by riding a bicycle. It is really a good place to purify the soul because of the simplicity, simplicity, and enthusiasm of the Tibetans. It is not enough to truly understand it once. This is why some people want to go again after they go! This is a test of one’s own will, a challenge to one’s physical endurance… Even if there are too many obstacles, I am on the road without hesitation, on the way to Lhasa… Everyone who has never been to Tibet wants to go. Once, everyone who has been there hoping to do it again.  If you have a place so close to heaven, I suggest you go there once, maybe you will be reborn

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