Tips for riding to avoid danger

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1. Choose a suitable riding helmet, bicycle bars with adjustable stem riser, good carbon fiber cycle,

Riding helmet: The most basic requirement is the safety certification of the national standard GB. In addition to the national standard, there are also EU CE, US CPSC, and other safety certifications. The national standard GB is the basic requirement, and the others can be regarded as extra points.

2. Wear the riding helmet correctly.Professional installation of best road bike frame with carbon road bike handlebars, and best water bottle cage.

Wear the riding helmet correctly In the picture below,

3. Obey the traffic rules, ride aside, and don’t rush through traffic at will.

4.Pay attention to avoid large vehicles such as buses and trucks, keep a distance from electric vehicles, motorcycles, etc., and pay attention to pedestrians on the road.

This concludes our little knowledge today, and we look forward to seeing you next time.

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