To avoid zero-speed falls, how do you carry out adaptive training for shoe locks?

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Riders who have just started the lock pedal system, do feel quite troubled in how to operate and practice, what points should be paid attention to in the process of locking and unlocking?

psychological factors

In fact, riding with lock pedals is not as difficult as imagined. Most of them are caused by the psychological factors of zero-speed falls. Riders can first understand the working principle of the locking pedal, and thoroughly understand the principle of action between the buckle and the locking pedal. , to avoid frustration or falls caused by incorrect application of force.

Loosen the tension value

Novices can use the lock to adjust the tension value to the loosest state to practice first, and if possible, they can also practice with a training platform, which is safer and will not cause falls due to improper operation, and will be more psychologically at ease, will focus on the operation of the lock. If there is no training platform, you can also try to lean against the wall on one side, hold the brake with both hands, and practice the up-and-down lock.

professional guidance

Riders who have time and conditions can find senior riders or go to a familiar car shop, ask them for professional guidance, check whether their practice movements are correct, and ask them to give professional opinions and ways to improve, and these The pros show the right way and watch their pedal settings and riding position carefully.

practice diligently

Riders who have received the correct guidance already know the correct posture for getting up and down, then they need to train diligently on the correct road. After all, the master leads the door, and the practice is up to the individual. It is recommended that riders who are trying for the first time need to practice for 1-3 weeks.

road experience

When you have practiced to the point where you can lock up and down without looking at the pedals, it means that you have fully mastered and are familiar with the movements of locking up and down. You can choose a familiar and safe riding road for real road experience. Let your lock up and down state be in a state of natural response.

early unlock

After officially going on the road, it is recommended that beginners can pre-grab a long safe distance before each stop, and start unlocking early during this time. Don’t be so nervous, don’t be nervous when you can’t unlock it. Remember that when the crank is in a horizontal state, it is the easiest state to unlock. Don’t let yourself be in a panic, it will be even more difficult to unlock.

Unlock with both feet

When you have been able to unlock and lock naturally on the road, you can try to sit on the cushion and practice unlocking with both feet at the same time. If you need to stop for a short time when encountering traffic lights, it is recommended to unlock both feet at the same time, so that both feet can touch the ground at the same time. This will not only be safer but also allow your feet to stand and rest.

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