UCI’s new rules will be officially launched on April 1!

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In order to further reduce the risk of road racing and improve event safety, UCI continues to announce new reforms, Sitting on the bicycle’s top tube is prohibited. Furthermore, using the forearms as a point of support on the handlebar is prohibited except in time trials, and loss in race tracks or groups. Throwing garbage or water bottles, etc. will be considered dangerous behavior! After a short adaptation period, the new regulations will be officially launched on April 1.

What impressed everyone was that in the 2016 Tour de France, Froome used a solo dive “sit on the bicycle’s top tube” mode in the 8th station. The speed of two degrees higher than 90km/h makes everyone’s jaw drop. New After the regulations are implemented, cyclists who use this posture downhill will be warned and punished by the referee.

Although the intention is good, these “sit on the bicycle’s top tube” and “road bike TT riding posture” riding norms set for the cyclists themselves have inevitably caused some professional players’ backlash. Recently, heated discussions have been set off in the car industry.

In addition, after the crash in Poland, UCI also adopted a series of new rider protection measures. Most of these new measures are aimed at the event organizer, logistics vehicles, helicopters, and the cyclists themselves. For example, the distance, position, and weight of the baffle and fence before the end of the event will all have uniform requirements to avoid the recurrence of Jacobson’s tragedy last year.

In addition, if garbage or water bottles are not discarded in the designated area set up every 30-40 kilometers and close to the finish line during the competition, or the items are not handed over to team cars or conference vehicles for disposal, the same will be punished with a maximum of 1,000 Swiss francs and points deduction.

Not only fines, but also extra time penalty for multiple races, 30 seconds for the first offense, 2 minutes for the second offense, and direct expulsion for the third time; if it is a single-day race, the player’s qualifications will even be disqualified!

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