Upgrade these equipment to your bike to make you cycling fast and comfortable

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Today, I will talk about ways to improve cycling comfort and speed without “spending much money”.

1, Saddle
A large part of the uncomfortable and uncomfortable cycling can be attributed to the seat saddle. Therefore, most brands offer cushions of various shapes, sizes, and lengths.

Many bicycle shops now have multiple brands of cushions, maybe you can try the one that suits you best!

About 20 years ago, Specialized first introduced Body Geometry technology to make the cushions have different widths, the purpose of which is to ensure that the seat bones are properly supported to prevent numbness and general discomfort. Whether it is comfortable or not, try more to know! In addition to the width and shape, many riders find that the uncomfortable solution is only to have a groove in the middle of the cushion to relieve pressure. For example, Trifox’s CS100 comfortable carbon bike saddle & seat.

2, cycling pants

Since there are so many different kinds of cycling pants, the padding in cycling pants should be a uniform standard, but the fact is just the opposite!

A few years ago, Endura launched the FS260-Pro SL, with three different pad widths to choose from to suit different riders. Further, relieve the discomfort of the hips.

Following the trend, Fizik also introduced a series of cycling pants designed to fit with the cushion. They use different shapes of pad design, and different fabrics and fabric shapes.

3, the width of the handlebar

In fact, in the vehicle parameters of road bikes, the width, range, and shape of the handlebars are very different, which also has a deep impact on cycling. Usually, we choose a handlebar that matches the shoulder width.

From the classical handle, the small curved handle, the ergonomic handle, their reach or sink amount are different.

The key to selection is:

Too wide has large wind resistance, and too narrow is not conducive to control. Generally speaking, you can choose shoulder width, but make some adjustments according to personal preferences.

Features of suitable bicycle:
Road bikes are suitable for curved handlebars, and ergonomic handlebars for a modern frame can complement each other.

4, The stem
Feel your handlebar is too far? Can’t stand your waist? Even a sore wrist? The culprit may be a stem of inappropriate length, whether it is too short or too long.

There are many specifications of the stem, and there are many variables from one person to another, but there will only be standard stems on the whole bike, and there is no possibility of optional, so you need to understand what kind of angle and length are Best for you. Trifox’s X12 carbon fiber road frame offers 90mm, 100mm, and 110mm stems, you can buy them according to your needs. A too-long stem may make your posture lean more forward, although there is a little aerodynamic advantage, your waist may protest earlier!

5, lock piece
If you are a rider who uses lock pedals, then you must pay attention, the correct and perfect installation of the lock plate will help you get the best riding condition!

Even if the position of the lock plate slightly deviates, it can easily cause discomfort, reducing efficiency and power output. The two key factors for setting the cleat are the angle and the front and rear position.

Put on the lock shoes, mark the positions of your first and fifth metatarsals on both sides of the shoes, and then draw two parallel lines on the soles, as long as the position of the locking pedal is placed between the two parallel lines.

The angle problem is due to the fact that different people’s feet may be outside or inside, and more should be normal.

The lock plate of the outer eight-character should be rotated inward, and the lock plate of the inner eight-character should be rotated outward.

6, cycling clothes
The easiest way to get a more speed bonus is to wear tight clothing. Loose and flowing clothes will only increase the wind resistance, on the contrary, tight clothing can significantly reduce resistance.

Cycling is fast and the time is short, so we can go home early to wash and sleep!

7, helmet
Nowadays, road helmets with aerodynamic characteristics are beginning to be sought after, and choices are gradually increasing. Compared with conventional helmets, it can effectively reduce wind resistance without sacrificing ventilation.

8. Wheels
A large amount of wind data shows that carbon wheels do have more aerodynamic advantages than aluminum wheels. Here we recommend Trifox’s RW100 carbon fiber wheels. Depth has 38mm, 50mm, and 60mm, width has 23mm and 25mm options, and there are also quick-release and barrel axle options. There is always one that meets your needs.

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