Upgrade these gears so you can ride fast and comfortably

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Buying a car is a one-step process? Or enjoy the fun of slowly leveling up?


A large part of the reason for uncomfortable and unpleasant riding can be attributed to the seat cushion. So most brands offer saddles in a variety of shapes, sizes and lengths. There are also many brands of saddles in many bicycle shops now, maybe you can try the one that suits you best!

Trifox Comfortable Carbon Bike Seat CS100

  1. The bike saddle is made of Carbon Fiber Sheets with vibration resisting and buffering performance, enough strength.
  2. Nose shape design to prevent organ oppression, to avoid numbness, allowing blood to circulate better, more comfortable if you dress the professional cycling pants with a pad.
  3. The middle part of the vent design makes air quickly pass and lets cyclists more comfortable.


In fact, among the parameters of the road bike, the width, range and shape of the handlebar are very different, which also has a profound impact on riding. Usually, we choose a handlebar that matches the shoulder width!

  • Carbon Drop Bar TC20AF

TC20AF is a compact road bike drop bar with aerofoil shape tops to complement the latest aero road bikes. The tops are a new aerofoil shape design. Cable routing is internal for less drag, a sleeker appearance, and a reliable setup of manual or electronic gear systems. Come with a stopwatch bracket, perfectly compatible with Garmin, Bryton stopwatch.

  • Carbon Riser Handlebar RHB100

1. T800 Carbon Fibre, UD weave, Max Length size is 800mm, If you need other size, please contact our customer service

2. One-shaped Integrated Handlebar for Mountain Bike

3. Suitable for 28.6mm fork tube

4. Available Stem Size: 40mm,50mm,60mm,70mm

  • Carbon Flat Bar FHB100

1. T700 carbon fiber, 3K matt, Max Length size: 740mm

2. Handlebars Riser Bars for MTB Mountain Bike

3. Suitable for 31.8mm Stem

4. Available Logo in Multiple Color Options, Red / Silver / Gray / Green.

Bike Stem

Feel like your handlebars are too far? Can’t stand your waist? Even wrist soreness? The culprit could be a stem that isn’t the right length, either too short or too long.

There are many specifications of the stem, and there are many variables from one person to another, but there will only be a standard stem on a car, and it is unlikely to be optional, so you need to know what angle and length are is best for you.

A stem that’s too long may make your stance lean more forward, and while it’s a bit of an aerodynamic advantage, your waist may protest sooner!

Bike Stem Riser SR100

1. Remove the top hex screw

2. Loosen the rear screws of the stem

3. Remove the stem

4. Loosen the rear screw on the handlebar raiser, insert our stem raiser, adjust the height according to the spacer you need

5. Install the stem

6. Tighten the top screw

7. Tighten the rear screw of the stem

8. Tighten the rear screws on the stem raiser, and the installation is finish


Carbon Road Bike Wheels RW100QR

You can see why from the price of aluminum wheels and carbon wheels, and then look at the pros. Extensive aerodynamic data shows that carbon wheels do have an aerodynamic advantage over aluminum wheels.

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