Upgrade these parts to increase the riding speed!

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Cyclists need to improve the three main elements of speed, strength, and endurance: training content, nutritional supplies, equipment, and equipment. Here to share with you, the coup disassembly of upgrading equipment.

1. Lighter wheels
The first thing to upgrade is the wheels. why? Everything comes from the rules of physics, and the rolling weight has a greater impact than the static weight (frame). This means that only a few hundred grams of weight loss can dramatically increase the speed. You will speed up on flat roads and throw away riders, and you will be more powerful when climbing hills. You will especially feel the importance of lightweight wheels.
2. Aerodynamic wheels
Another way to increase speed is aerodynamic wheels. Many wind tunnel test results have shown that when the speed exceeds 40 kilometers per hour, the aero wheel can save 1-2% of pedaling output. The reason is very simple. The higher the frame height, the more aerodynamic wheels can reduce turbulence and reduce air resistance in headwinds. However, although it runs fast, it is also more difficult to control than the low-frame high-wheel group, so it is recommended to use it in the time trial.
3. Tires
In theory, the closest contact between a bicycle and the ground will have a great impact on rolling speed and comfort. However, people don’t care very much and just use standard tires when buying a bicycle. This is very wrong. Our suggestion is to try high-weave density road tires. A tire with a high TPI number means that the higher the fine nylon thread is woven inside, it can reduce the rolling resistance and increase the speed. But there are advantages and disadvantages; the disadvantage is that high TPI numbers are more prone to snake bites. When winter comes, change to winter tires with thicker rubber layers.
4. Derailleur kit
The electronic kit can be said to be a major evolution in the evolution of bicycles in recent years. When the traditional mechanical kit is still pulling the cord, the electronic kit has sent electronic signals to the front and rear derailleur, which is a wireless signal near the speed of light. Among the many benefits, the most important is more precise and quick gear shifting.
5.BB bottom bracket
If you use a poor-quality BB bottom bracket, your large plate crankset will not rotate smoothly and save effort, so you will waste some energy when you step on each lap. It is recommended that top players who pursue performance choose BB bottom brackets with ceramic bearings for two reasons, both of which are critical: the first is that ceramic bearings will reduce resistance; the second is that their life span is more than ten times that of steel bearings.
6. Power meter
The function of the computer should not only display basic information such as speed and RPM. If you care about your pedaling performance, the power meter is already an indispensable helper. The power meter can actually measure the wattage of the power generated by the rider on the bicycle, and then transmit this information to your bicycle watch mounted on the handle.
Why are these power data so useful? Because when you have the FTP functional threshold power (Functional Threshold Power)-that is, the data of the maximum average power obtained in an hour of exhausting and stable riding, you can match your physical lactic acid threshold Ride in the interval. This is very helpful for the sprint high-intensity (121%-150 FTP) in the first interval (about 55% FTP) and the sixth interval.

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