What are the pros and cons of cycling?

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What are the pros and cons of cycling? Cycling is currently a relatively environmentally friendly way of travel, not only to exercise, but also to protect the environment. As we all know, riding a bicycle is good for human health, so apart from the benefits, is there any harm in riding a bicycle? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of cycling.

Pros of cycling:

  1. Bicycle is one of the best tools to overcome heart function problems. More than half of the world’s people die of heart disease. Cycling not only compresses blood flow through the movement of the legs and draws the remarks from the blood vessels back to the heart, but in fact strengthens the microvascular tissue at the same time, which is called “incidental”. cycle”.
  2. Develop the brain and improve physical fitness. Because cycling is dominated, it can improve the agility of the nervous system. Alternately pedaling with two legs can develop the brain functions of the left and right sides at the same time. Cycling can also effectively exercise the muscle strength of the lower limbs and strengthen the endurance of the whole body.
  3. Slimming and losing weight, prolonging life. Because during cycling, the human body is engaged in periodic aerobic exercise, so that exercisers can effectively consume more calories, and long-term adherence can receive significant weight loss effects. Cycling is a way to strengthen the heart and brain.
  4. Reduce stress. Regular exercise is beneficial to reduce psychological stress and prevent depression. Especially when riding outdoors, people are focused and can enjoy some landscapes along the way, and they can also meet like-minded friends and confidants while riding together. These are all great ways to relax.

Cons of cycling:

  1. The current bicycle seat is usually narrow and hard. Riding on it will put a lot of pressure on the genitals, and the stress point of the bicycle seat is just between the anus and the scrotum, where there is a line that can control the blood pressure of the penis. If the artery is compressed for a long time, it is easy to suffer from impotence.
  2. For women, due to the wider pelvis of women, the groin and nearby soft tissues are easily rubbed, so women who ride bicycles all year round, especially those who carry people and objects on the bike and increase the load, are prone to pubic groin. ditch tumor.
  3. Excessive cycling will damage the cervical spine, lumbar spine and knee joints. The symptoms of such injuries are mainly pain, mainly due to the problem of riding posture.

Can you grow taller by bicycle?

Can cycling make you grow taller? Cycling is a very common exercise in daily life. Although it has many benefits for our health, many people are curious, can riding a bicycle grow taller?

Cycling is not only a convenient and safe means of transportation, but also helps the body grow taller. Cycling is a kind of aerobic exercise. Through the movement of the legs, it can accelerate blood circulation, stimulate the growth of lower limb bones, and help the human body grow taller. In addition, cycling can also consume a lot of energy, play a role in weight loss, is an effective method of increasing the best of both worlds. Experts suggest that cycling for half an hour a day can help teenagers grow taller.

However, it should be noted that cycling has a certain effect on the growth of young people’s bodies, but it cannot be assumed that cycling can grow taller. If you want to grow taller, in addition to exercise, you should also pay attention to supplementing nutrition at ordinary times in order to grow healthily.

Can cycling make your legs slimmer?

Can cycling make you slimmer? Cycling is a very popular way to lose weight at the moment. Cycling exercise mainly focuses on the legs. Therefore, many people are curious, can cycling reduce legs?

In fact, as long as the riding method is correct, cycling is a good exercise for stovepipe. Cycling is an aerobic exercise. It can tighten the muscles of the legs, promote blood circulation, burn fat, and make the legs thinner. It is very effective for fat and edema legs.

Cycling is a relatively relaxing sport. Urban people stay in the office all day, and it is rare to exercise and relax by cycling, so they want to take the opportunity to ride for a longer time. However, if you ride for a long time, the muscles of the legs will be very developed, and the legs may appear thick. Therefore, you don’t have to ride for too long every day. Generally, stick to 30 minutes a day to slim your legs. After cycling, massage your legs gently to relax your muscles and prevent muscle build-up

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