What colour would you prefer?

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As a bike rider, it’s not only the components of the bike that we value, but also the appearance of the bike that we pay close attention to. A good bike material will allow us to ride farther, and a good appearance will make us feel more happy on the road.

How will you choose?

Recently, we found that many riders are concerned about the color scheme of the bike, and many of them prefer red and white, or blue and white. For a while, white forks, white seat bags, white handlebar covers, red (white) color wheelsets, red (blue) color hubs, etc., by many enthusiasts, have become the standard color of many mountain bikes. If you install a road bike, the more eye-catching the better, but if it is a mountain bike often in the mountains, dust, mud road galloping, or color plain better, not only because of dirty affect the mood, but also will not let you because of decontamination and annoyance. Especially the white handlebar cover and seat bag. This is the most easily stained place, after the new car is installed very good-looking, but for a long time it will become yellow, or even black. Some people say, some international competitions, many cars are not red and white, red and blue with it? I have to say, if you can replace a new car after the race, of course, you can match the car as you like, but as most of the mountain bikes used for long-term riding, I still think it is better to be a normal colour.Although the low-profile color scheme is inconspicuous, it is still basically the same as when the bike was new, and will last forever.

Safety perspective

The color is dependent on the best choice of mountain bike frame. First of all, the general metal frame, the color is actually indifferent, depending on personal favorite. White is actually quite good, the paint is baked on, will not fade to yellow, because a good frame will have a layer of colorless protective paint, while the carbon fiber is basically black. From a security point of view, it makes sense to buy bright colors, black in addition to not dirty, dark tones on the road are not striking, there are hidden dangers, but also not easy to steal. Personally, I think the black and blue match quite well, white and bright colors are good.

Personal preference

Everyone’s aesthetics are different, and I think white is the best-looking and this color is not picky about age and not picky about color, while blue and pink are a little brighter for young people to ride. But the final decision on which color or by your own decision, because of different personal preferences, I can only give you reference to the views of the decision, which can not be your choice.

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