What equipment should road bike enthusiasts need?

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What equipment should road bike enthusiasts need? I will divide it into three stages, each stage requires different things.

1. Into riding by mistake

Maybe you fell in love with road bikes because of a movie, maybe you want to enjoy the fun of breaking the wind and the thrill of riding? In this way, you bought the first road bike in your life, and it will be equipped with some basic equipment at this time.

Helmet: Let’s wear a helmet. Specifically, you are responsible for your own safety and your family. Generally, it is to be responsible to society. If you lose your life because of the stupid fault of not wearing a helmet, so you don’t have to lose your life and cause great pain to your family. Overall, it is very important to wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet has an extra layer of safety protection. Don’t bet your life!

Gloves: Regardless of the small glove, it is as important as a helmet. Gloves can not only reduce the danger caused by sweaty hands but also the thick pad part of the gloves can absorb the shock of riding and reduce hand numbness. In addition, gloves can also be used to wipe sweat, and even provide protection in the event of a bike crash. Female bikers who are afraid of tanning can also protect themselves from the sun and keep out the cold in winter.

Glasses: At the same time as improving the standard, it can also make you less vulnerable to the scorching sun, flying insects, etc. In the evening, the lenses will enhance the color, allowing you to see the road ahead clearly.

Kettle: Recognize the kettle, don’t contain BPA, PP5 is the basic requirement. You are not Ding Chunqiu, and you don’t need to practice poison skills when riding. Take off the outer jacket of the kettle and recognize the material. Under the condition of ensuring the health, the kettle must be cool and bright. This is a bonus item. If it lasts for a long time in cold storage, it is even better.

Bottle cage: light, strong, not easy to drop, divided into three materials: aluminum alloy, plastic steel, and carbon fiber, the lighter the weight, the higher the price.

Headlight: Choose a reliable brand, popular models, data is king, but not everything. As you can see, 800 lumens is the starting point for urban cycling. The above can be used, but it is not necessary.

Taillights: Smart taillights are also relatively mature. You can consider at least USB rechargeable taillights. Simple and beautiful. You have grown up. Silicone battery lights are no longer suitable for your size.

Headscarf: Because there are so many different ways to wear it, it is also called a magic headscarf. It can be worn on the head to keep out the cold, or those who are more sweaty can prevent sweat from flowing to the eyes. It can be used as a mask when worn on the neck, and it can also achieve sun protection in summer. And there are many patterns and themes, you can match them as you like.

Cushion bag: you always carry small things when you go out to ride a bicycle, but you will feel uncomfortable carrying a small bag or backpack, and you are afraid of losing it when you put it in your pocket. In order to concentrate on riding, it is recommended to buy a cushion bag that can be put into a bank card, Mobile phone, and money. After buying the jersey, you can also replace the inner tube, tire removal rod, chain driver, and other maintenance items. Most of the styles use zippers as openings to ensure that items will not fall out.

Air pump: It can hit 120psi.

At this stage, you need to master the simple adjustments and maintenance of the bike, otherwise, it would be too embarrassing if the bike breaks down on the road and will not be repaired. A set of combination tools, as well as tire repair and tire replacement tools, must be prepared.

Two, Professional cycling

You gradually got to know a lot of new friends. Although in the beginning, you felt like wearing a cycling jersey, like aerobics, now you feel that you are professional and handsome. Looking at the cycling jersey, looked at the wallet again, shivering, the hand of ordering food consciously reached out to the instant noodles in the refrigerator.

Cycling clothing: Cycling clothing is a step that makes you look more professional and has a compelling step to experience tight-fitting, less wind resistance, a fit size, comfortable cushion, moisture-wicking is better, please choose carefully, it is related to the lower body and the second half I won’t say more about the disadvantages of buying stocks, you think it’s worth it, don’t be complacent and advertise to harm others.

Cycling socks: It is comfortable to absorb sweat, and the air permeability and wear resistance of cycling socks are higher than ordinary sports socks, which can reduce the side effects of constant pedaling on the soles of the feet.

Self-locking system: A pair of qualified lock shoes will save your pedaling effort, improve efficiency, stable passability, improve your riding skills, catch up with a cycling buddy. Remember to match the appropriate pedals.

Computer heart rate, etc.: Road bikes are highly planned sports that require strict and precise equipment. Know yourself, starting from the riding data. These equipment are used to collect various data about your dynamics, and in the future riding, Knowing yourself and the enemy, how to maximize the output power, etc., are all things you need to study.

Three, Enjoy endless fun through cycling

You gradually understand that behind the cool and passionate speed of road bikes is the beautiful process of muscle spasms, joints howl, heart twitches, alveoli burning, nose, tears, salivation, and sweat on your face, so you know how to pay behind your back. More.

Airship: At this time, you feel that it is necessary to master various data of your own body, which can facilitate the improvement of your performance. From static to dynamic, bicycle size, etc., whether it is also necessary to change, start thinking (this can also be done in the first stage).

Various upgrades: As a liberal arts student, you have to be like a big science guy. The weight of bicycle parts, gear ratio, power, etc. are all problems you have to solve. Looking at complex problems, you actually solve them. Just three words, “spend more money”, there is no need to ask the opinions of the bigwigs in the industry. I believe that many bigwigs have only three words in their hearts, and they are expensive.

Cycling platform: You hold your teammates and agree to rest today. In fact, you work hard at home, just like the college entrance examination that year, when you go home and study secretly, no matter the weather outside the window.

Of course, there is a lot of equipment to add at each stage, welcome to leave a message!

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