What should I do if there is abnormal noise from the brakes of the bicycle?

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When we enjoy the fun of riding, the abnormal noise from the brakes often breaks this rare tranquility; the braking performance deserves our constant attention!

So, why does the brake make abnormal noise?

Abnormal brake noise usually has the following four situations:

  • There is a foreign matter on the contact surface of the brake lining and disc.
  • The newly purchased brake lining is not adjusted to the best position.
  • Interference between disc and clamp.
  • Inaccurate installation of the clamp or have foreign matter.

Let’s take a look at the corresponding solutions

1. To make foreign matter on the contact surface of the brake lining and disc

The abnormal brake noise may be caused by the brake pads or the brakes being dirty. Be careful when oiling the bicycle. Disc brakes usually need to be removed from the bicycle for cleaning. If the discs become oily, they need to be replaced in time. If there is a foreign matter on the disc, please wipe it with alcohol.

Please use a cloth or cotton ball dipped in alcohol to wipe the disc

2. The newly bought brake lining is not adjusted to the best position

The installation process of the new incoming brake lining must be careful to ensure that it is correct. Improper installation methods and location will greatly affect braking performance. The best way to fix the pad is to ride along the road at low speed and then hold the brake. Repeat this step several times to make sure it is installed in place.

A reminder of the replacement brake lining.

3. Interference between the disc and the clamp

When braking, the lever will bounce or make a serious abnormal sound. If the disc is slightly bent or even has obvious grooves when observed with the naked eye, it means that the disc has been deformed. It is not advisable to use a wrench or a vise forcibly to calibrate. The uncontrollability of manual force will cause greater damage to the disc. It is recommended that riders go to a professional repair point to replace it.

If it is not caused by the deformation of the disc, the position of the clamper needs to be adjusted so that it is in the middle of the frame to ensure the gap between the disc and the disc.

One: First half-tighten the two M6*18 screws on the caliper.
Two: Press the brake handle until it is locked.
Three: Just lock the two M6*18 on the caliper.

The reasonable clearance between the caliper and the disc is about 1.7~2.4mm

4. The clamp installation is inaccurate or there is foreign matter.

Clean the calipers and brake blocks at ordinary times, and check whether the bolts are locked in place before riding. When the brake block fails or is worn due to unevenness, it is also easy to produce abnormal brake noise. In this case, you must clean up the remaining small sand particles, you can use a toothpick or a small stick.

Use a small stick to clean the crevices of the brake pad

Why is the brake shoe not level? The installation may not be in place. When the brake pad is installed, the friction surface should be parallel to the plane of the rim and placed in the center to avoid rubbing the tire, so that it can touch the rim while pinching the brake.

Loosen the nut behind the brake block appropriately. Don’t loosen too much. Pinch the brake lever to make the brake block press tightly on the rim. After adjusting the position, tighten the nut to fix it. (The adjustment method varies according to the caliper). Check whether the caliper is centered and whether the two caliper arms are symmetrical with respect to the rim plane. Finally, adjust the fine adjustment knob on the brake lever to confirm the brake stroke.

Loosen the nut behind the brake pad

Of course, pay attention to the rim while checking the brake pads. Many aluminum wheels have a machined surface to ensure good braking performance. Therefore, if the rim is covered with a lot of dirt or the rim is worn out, it will affect the braking performance. Clean the rim from time to time.

The above content hopes to help you reduce or alleviate the problem of brake noise.

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