What’s wrong with your bike makes it more and more difficult to ride?

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Some riders may find themselves riding slower after riding for a while. Sometimes it is the bike that drags you down, and sometimes it is your own state.

If you are also confused about this, you might as well take a look at the following reasons.

1. Low tire pressure
If the tire pressure is too low, it will have a great impact on your bicycle, and even limit the fastest speed you can ride. That is to say, you may need to spend twice as much effort because the tire pressure is too low. Catch up with your companions.
It is best to check your tire pressure before you travel. You can check the recommended tire pressure on the sidewall, but it is best to be between the maximum and minimum. Generally, the recommended tire pressure is 100PSI.

2. Windy
If you are out riding, you are likely to encounter headwinds. In fact, headwinds are often encountered. You can only recognize this kind of thing, but the good news is that you can take this opportunity to develop a pair of strong thighs.

3. Oiling the chain
Compared with the previous one, this requires a little bit of technology. Basically, the smoothness of a chain that has not been lubricated for a long time is of course much worse than that of a chain that is frequently maintained. Therefore, you are likely to be more strenuous when riding because the chain has not been maintained, and the shifting is not so smooth. So take more time to maintain the chain regularly.

4. Brake maintenance
This reason is more common, and it is often the most intuitive factor that makes you feel slower riding.
Regardless of whether you use a disc brake or an ordinary V brake, the purpose of brake accessories is to keep the brake pads as close to the disc or rim as possible to ensure the best braking effect. So first check whether the rim is deflected, and then re-adjust it with the fine-tuning screw after confirming that there is no problem.

What if you check the tire pressure and confirm that your brakes are not worn out and the chain is oiled, but the legs still can’t lift and the bike is still riding slowly?
There is only one explanation, and that is your own reason. It may be that your riding condition was not good at the time, or the riding posture was wrong, or lack of exercise, etc. So practice it more often, after all, in the adult world, nothing is easy.

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