When encountering backwinds in cycling, is the key to learning how to save effort!

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Riding a bicycle often encounters the situation of the wind, and the wind has greatly hindered cycling. So how can the backwind ride a bicycle? What are the skills of riding a bicycle in the wind or uphill?

When the slope and the wind ride a bicycle

What should I do if I encounter uphill and backwind? We realize that ride bicycles according to the original strength. After we are tired, take a few more rest. Do not take too long each rest time. It can be 5-10 minutes.

Driving on the road line, the slope is relatively smaller, usually uphill is not a problem. When it is difficult to get on the steep slope, you can walk the glyph, so that you can reduce the slope. Sometimes the slope can’t ride, what should I do if the bike will retreat?

At this time, don’t be afraid. Riding a speeding bike can slow down the speed and slow up, and those who ride an ordinary bike do not have to worry about it. My experience is to pull the handlebars up with both hands, which is convenient for the legs. The body’s center of gravity moves forward, and the palm also moves forward from the pedal, contacting the pedal with a close part of the heel, so that it is easy to force, and then use the legs to sting the calf and directly kick the bike directly through the roots.

In this way, you can use your weight and thighs to force your calves and roots (with your toes and feet to disperse your strength, and you will also cause your feet to fatigue) to directly pass the bicycle pedal, thereby enhancing the strength of the kick, and the bike will slowly get on the bike. Slope, I won’t retreat.

Of course, cycling is the most tiring in this case, and everyone must do it. Pay attention to safety when walking uphill, and often at the steeper slope at the shift. Pay attention to the vehicle. When the slope is not ridden, you should get out of the bike and rest for a while. Climbing is a very tiring thing. It requires people’s physical strength and perseverance, but it can make bicycle travel more interesting and memorable. Once you reach the top of the slope, you can have a unique enjoyment.

It is the most headache when riding a bicycle travel. Because it is difficult to go uphill, it is downhill, which can be easy for a while, and the backwind is sometimes not easy to ride downhill. At this time, you can lower the handlebar, or Bend your arms, also reliable under the handlebar, and lower your head to reduce the center of gravity of the body to reduce the resistance of the wind.

After bowing your head, your vision is narrowed, and you should always pay attention to safety, especially when you encounter horizontal and anti-wind, you must be careful. You should pay attention to the vehicle, because at this time, whether it is the front of the bike or the back of the bike, especially the large truck, the bicycle will make the bicycle left and right. Movement is prone to accidents.

Moreover, at this time, because of great energy consumption, people are very tired and are not usually flexible, and are prone to accidents. I hope that riders must pay attention to safety. Generally, the six-level anti-wind can also ride, and the backwind above level eight should be considered to rest.

When the downhill and the wind ride a bicycle

The downhill and smooth wind are the most comfortable enjoyment in bicycle travel. At this time, the fatigue at the uphill has long been thrown out of the clouds. Sometimes you can not kick a kick, but a few kilometers in a row. However, when you encounter steep slopes, roads, and uneven grounds, or might be possible to pay special attention to safety.

At this time, the brakes should be clenched from the top of the slope, so as not to be caught off guard, at least it should be the brake. When you encounter a steep slope, you must be careful even if you look at the pavement as wide and flat at a glance. I have encountered two situations.

One is that there may be small stones on the road. I started to see it. When I saw that it was too late to avoid it, the speed of the vehicle was fast, and the rapid turning was more dangerous.

The second is that when the bike arrives under the mountain, there is a sudden wind in the mountains, and the bicycle drifts left and right at high speeds, which is difficult to control. I hope that the riders are alert to this situation. To check the brake gate frequently, the brakes should be adjusted or replaced with the brakes in a timely manner. Don’t wait until the wrestling before you know that you are afraid. I hope that the new on the road will not “eat it for a while before you know how to grow wisdom”.

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