Whether to build a bicycle by yourself?

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Regardless of whether it is the first bike or the Nth bike, before the start, I will hesitate to assemble a bicycle, hoping to achieve the 100 points in my mind. Let us simply analyze the characteristics of buying a complete bike and assembling a bicycle to help you consume fewer brain cells.

Unless you have a tool wall, know the specifications and compatibility of various parts, and have special channels to get cheap parts, it will not be cheap to buy parts separately. If you are newer, you will buy a lot of strange or wrong things, easy to spend wrong money.

Compared with buying a complete bike the advantages of assembling the bicycle:

Freely decide what grade of parts to be equipped on the bike;
Freely decide what purpose the bicycle will be used for;

The complete bike can only be exchanged for different models according to different purposes. It is not as free as assembling a bicycle, and the reality may be crueler

The paint you like does not have the function you want,
Have the features you want but don’t have the paint you like,
The paint you like plus the features you want, but it doesn’t have the size you want

Assembling a bike requires a lot of time to search for parts, and after finding them, they will have to assemble them one by one, and buy a new one in case the specifications are wrong. It is also a way to pay the bicycle shop to assemble the bike, but it also takes time and also requires an assembly fee. But it’s faster than the time it takes to explore. Inexperienced users may damage the parts by themselves. At this time, it is best to find a professional to help you assemble the bike. Buying the complete bike only needs to spend time looking for the bike, and the rest is handled by the professional technicians of the store, which will save a lot of time overall.

A sense of accomplishment: Of course, it is more than buying a complete bike! Seeing his bike taking shape step by step, the sense of accomplishment is indescribable! That feeling is the same as seeing a child raised all the way finally grow up and have a successful career.

Skills: If riding is an important activity in your life, it is best to learn how to assemble a bicycle by yourself, and prepare some equipment for long-term use. If you learn how to build a bicycle, you can better maintain your bike. When you encounter problems during cycling, you can find out and know how to solve them in time. At the same time, when you buy the next bicycle, you can quickly assemble it. When you have your own channels, you can save more money than buying the whole bike!

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