Which is better, a wired cycling stopwatch or wireless cycling stopwatch

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Let’s talk about wired and wireless cycling stopwatches. Many friends like to measure their speed per hour and the distance of long-distance riding through the cycling stopwatch. Of course, it is very convenient to download the cycling notes to record the usual trajectory. But according to personal needs to install the cycling stopwatch, the current cycling stopwatch is mainly divided into two types of wired and wireless, do you think is the wired cycling stopwatch is better or wireless?
 Aerofoil Style Carbon Road Bike Drop Bar TC20AF with Cycling Stopwatch
Wired cycling stopwatch
Wired cycling stopwatches mainly transmit sensor signals through data cables, and are currently the most used type of cycling stopwatches.

Advantages: The performance is relatively stable, the speed measurement is relatively accurate, and it is not easy to interfere. As long as a small battery can work alone, the power consumption is very low, and the price is usually relatively cheap. Some cycling stopwatches are waterproof, the sensor is more sensitive, and it also has a luminous effect.

Disadvantages: The installation of a wired cycling stopwatch is relatively troublesome, and it affects the overall appearance of the bike.

Wireless cycling stopwatch
The wireless cycling stopwatch actually has an external sensor and magnetic head, but it does not need to use a data cable to transmit the model, and directly receive it wirelessly.
Advantages: The installation of the wireless cycling stopwatch is relatively simple and convenient and does not affect the overall appearance of the bike, the sensitivity of the sensor is stronger, and the functional design is more diverse and intelligent.

Disadvantages: Although the speed of a better quality wireless cycling stopwatch is accurate, the price is relatively high. For example, the wireless cycling stopwatches of Japan CATEYE. Generally, wireless cycling stopwatches whose price is less than USD 50 are inaccurate and their performance is unstable. Will often be disturbed during use.

Which is better, wireless or wired?
Through the above introduction, you can find that although the wireless cycling stopwatch is fashionable and beautiful, it is either relatively expensive or poor in quality, while the wired cycling stopwatch affects the appearance of the bike, but it has stable performance and strong anti-interference, and The price is cheap, so I can’t tell which one is better here. It depends on the individual. if you don’t want to spend much money, just download the mobile APP record directly, which is also excellent.

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