Which mountain bike lock shoe or road bike lock shoe is more suitable for novices?

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There are usually two types of lock shoes, mountain bike lock shoes, and road bike lock shoes. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? How to choose?

Mountain bike lock shoes, like mountain bikes, have strong terrain adaptability, mountain lock shoes were designed for use in various harsh environments, such as rainy mud, gravel roads, and so on.

One of the advantages of mountain bike lock shoes is that they are durable and adaptable to the environment/terrain.

Compared with the durability of mountain bike lock shoes, road lock shoes have many limitations. For example, a road bike is suitable for riding on good pavement. If you wear a road bike lock shoe and run over a larger stone, the shoes will probably have problems.

One of the more common methods of model selection is that you have to buy a road bike with lock pedals and road bike lock shoes for road bikes, and buy mountain bike lock pedals and mountain bike lock shoes for mountain bikes.

This is basically not wrong, but everyone has a different purpose for riding a bicycle, and the use environment for locking shoes is also different, so there is another use environment selection method besides the model selection method.

Because of the problem of the sole structure of the mountain bike lock shoes, walking is also very smooth when not riding, such as getting off the bike to buy water, ending the bike ride and climbing the stairs, etc., getting off the bike to take pictures when seeing the beautiful scenery.

After the road bike lock shoes are installed with the cleats, it is not only inconvenient to walk, but also easy to cause the cleats to wear.

In addition, the advantage of mountain bike lock shoes is that it is easier to lock and unlock (than road lock shoes), which is also a design that takes into account the complexity of the terrain.

Speaking of this, it seems to be talking about the advantages of mountain bike lock shoes and the disadvantages of road bike lock shoes. What are the advantages of road bike lock shoes compared to mountain bike lock shoes?

If the advantage of mountain bike lock shoes is breadth (lower limit/adaptability), then the advantage of road lock shoes is the height (upper limit/professionalism).

Road bikes are biased towards speed and competition, so road bike lock shoes are better in terms of lightweight, pedaling efficiency, comfort, and ability to match a power meter.

Lightweight means that the mountain bike lock shoes of the same design will be naturally heavier than the road bike lock shoes. This is because the mountain bike lock shoes have more studs on the soles (increasing grip);

Pedal efficiency means less energy loss;

Comfort refers to the same long-distance (high-intensity) riding, road bike lock shoes are less prone to foot pain (in fact, it is related to the lock plate);

Power meter refers to that there are not many power meters for mountain bike shoes.

Even with the configuration, mountain bike shoes are heavier than road bike shoes because the soles have more studs, and the circles in the picture

Seeing this, you should understand.

If you are mostly riding, you often stop to take pictures after riding, the experience of mountain bike locking shoes will be better.

If you like speed, competition, and more training, road bike lock shoes are more suitable for you.

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