Why buy a carbon fiber bike

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Carbon fiber bike features:

1. Lightweight and high rigidity. At present, the weight of high-end carbon fiber bicycles is generally lower than that of aluminum alloy and titanium alloy frames, and the rigidity is very large, which improves the pedaling efficiency of the rider and saves physical strength.

2. Good fatigue resistance. The carbon fiber frame has super fatigue resistance, and the fatigue resistance test can reach more than 1 million times. Everyone knows a term: metal fatigue, any metal that has been used for a long time will have it.

3. Good shock resistance and strong impact resistance. Vibration tests on beams of the same shape and size show that it takes 9 seconds for the aluminum alloy beam to stop vibration, while the carbon fiber composite beam only takes 2.5 seconds. The good damping of the composite material reduces the turbulence of the bicycle and improves the rider’s riding comfort. Related tests show that the qualified carbon fiber composite material bicycle is 8 times that of the ordinary bicycle.

4. Anti-corrosion. Compared with traditional metal frames, carbon fiber composite bicycles have unquestionable environmental resistance, acid, alkali, and industrial atmosphere, good performance, and no rust.

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