Why do other people lose weight by cycling, but the more I cycle, the fatter I get?

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People who want to lose weight through exercise will ask: “Is it possible to lose weight after exercise?” and “How come it seems that the more you exercise, the more fat you get?”

Simply put, if you want to lose weight, the necessary condition is that the calories you consume are greater than the calories you take, and if you want to consume more calories, you rely on exercise. But why do many people feel that the effect of exercise to lose weight is not obvious? Zhang Peirong, a nutritionist who also loves cycling and running sports, said that most of the calories consumed by exercise are often not as many as we think; but the calories eaten are more than expected! Therefore, the key to weight loss is diet control, and the influence of exercise is second.

Does appetite improve after exercise?

Most people eat more after exercising. There may be two situations. One is an exercise to a certain level and consumes a lot of calories. Naturally, they will feel hungry and want to eat; the other is to compensate for their mentality. I felt that I could comfort myself, so I ate more food.

But is it really hungry, or just thought it was hungry? Zhang Peirong believes that you must quantify your calorie intake and consumption to have a basis, not just by feeling!

In summary, exercise is the help you lose weight, and the desire to eat is the resistance to weight loss. Whether you can lose weight depends on whether it helps you or the resistance. Therefore, some people lose weight after exercise, and some people lose weight after exercise! If you want to lose weight effectively and healthily, you must increase your calorie consumption and control your calorie intake.

Control your diet and pay attention to calories

Especially for people who do not exercise regularly, they may regard cleaning or shopping, this type of “activity” as “exercise.” Or go for a walk outdoors, walk a few laps on the playground, and sweat as if you have exercised, but in fact, it is only caused by the hot weather. Even sports such as cycling for 10 kilometers and running for 3 kilometers may actually consume less than 200 calories.

When the intensity is insufficient and the time is not long, so the calorie consumption is not much, the mentality is often compensated by eating more.

Therefore, after exercise, try to choose low-calorie and satiety foods so as not to exceed your calorie intake! Especially at this time, muscles need to supplement a lot of glycogen and protein to repair tissues. Therefore, the diet should be mainly carbohydrate food, with the appropriate amount of protein, such as sandwiches, sweet potatoes, steamed bread, toast, etc., and a small amount of meat, one piece Tea eggs, soy milk, low-fat milk are fine.

Increase strength and increase consumption

If you want to increase the calorie consumption of exercise, you must increase the time and intensity of exercise! Many people think that sweating means enough intensity and exercise, but in fact, sweating is not a good indicator, it is often just because of the hot weather. It is recommended that you exercise for at least half an hour, which is also a big advantage of cycling, which can maintain a longer exercise time in an aerobic state. Secondly, the intensity of exercise should be enough, whether it is to walk, jog or ride a bicycle, to reach a moderate intensity, the easiest way is to measure the heart rate, which is about 130 or so; if you don’t have a heart rate monitor, let yourself feel a little breathless during exercise. , You can talk, but there is no way to continuously talk and sing intensity, which can effectively increase calorie consumption.

Eating less and getting more exercise is the only way to lose weight and lose weight.

Increase basal metabolic rate

Of course, many people are worried that with the control of diet, when calorie intake decreases, the body’s basal metabolic rate also decreases. This is correct. The body has a protective mechanism. When our body feels a crisis when the calorie intake is reduced, it will automatically enter the “energy-saving mode” to reduce the basal metabolic rate. In addition to weight loss, the basal metabolic rate will also Follow the decline, it will enter the so-called stagnation period for weight loss.

If you don’t want your metabolic rate to drop, you must train your muscles. In addition to aerobic exercise, you must also add weight training to increase your body’s muscle mass, which will naturally increase your basal metabolic rate and calorie consumption.

The conclusion is that if you want to lose weight and lose weight, eating less and hyperactivity are still the same rules, and neither is indispensable.

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