Why do professional bicycle riders shave their leg hair?

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Why do professional bicycle riders shave their legs clean? Please don’t laugh, because there is neither a specific historical reference nor objective scientific findings that can explain this habit of the bicycle riders, so let’s make some reasonable guesses.

Answer 1: Shaving can form an aerodynamic advantage


In this era of aerodynamics, seamless tights, aerodynamic frames, streamlined helmets, and ultra-light carbon wheels are all flying in the sky. Therefore, it is unreasonable to ignore the small but vital aerodynamic advantage of bare legs.


The actual effect of shaving depends on the amount of hair on your legs. To be reasonable, take a look at the current tights, they really fit, and there are no seams and buttons. So, if all of this works, then too much hair on your legs may have an effect. ——Former professional bicycle rider Levi Leipheimer

Maybe it’s useful in the top time trial, but in the mountain bike, it is not useful. —— Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski, champion of the U.S. National Mountain Bike Championship

In terms of aerodynamics, the actual effect is not great. But I know that if I look down at my hairy legs while riding, I feel like I’m going to lose speed in an instant. ——Davis Phinney, Champion of the Tour de France

Answer 2: This is more comfortable and convenient during massage


During the massage, the leg hair will be torn off, a lot. (It hurts to think about it!!!)


That’s why I shaved my leg hair. If I didn’t do this, I would be very hurt. ——Former professional bicycle rider Levi Leipheimer

If you have too much hair on your legs, you have to use a lot of oil. You don’t want to be braised pork feet, do you? ——Tour de France champion Andy Hampsten

Simply, this is the number one reason why I shaved my leg hair. I can’t imagine the pain of a full-body massage for a pair of hairy legs. At the same time, I also think that some good massage techniques do not require too much oil, so shaving is very important. ——Horgan-Kobelski

Shaving your leg hair may feel better, but from the perspective of deeper muscles, it makes no difference whether you shave or not. I work in the team all year round, and some professional players even shave their leg hair in winter. ——Chris Grauch, Certified Massage Therapist

I bet that shaving the leg hair is for easy massage. Do you want to caress your hairy thighs? ——Todd Wells, champion of the U.S. National Highway and Cross Country Competition

Answer 3: Care for wounds is simpler and more effective


When there is no leg hair, it is easier and faster to clean and bandage the abraded wound. The leg hair will be stained with dirt and bacteria will easily breed. Without leg hair, heal faster.


I always think this is the main reason. When you fall out of the bicycle, your skin is easily bruised. The hair on the legs will only get dirty, not conducive to bandaging. ——Davis Phinney

The absence of leg hair also makes the intramuscular effect stick more firmly, and many riders have been using this recently. ——Horgan-Kobelski

Answer 4: This just looks cool-I can ride faster


Bodybuilding muscle lines look sharper, and leg hair affects the visual experience.


In people’s general concept, smooth legs seem to move faster. Before the TT game, I clean my legs. You can feel the gust of wind hitting your legs. (We are not as powerful as you, I can’t feel it)——Chris Horner, RadioShack Team (the predecessor of Trek Team)

Answer 5: Women like men with smooth thighs.


In fact, we just want our partners to please ourselves all the time.


When my husband Jeremy (Horgan-Kobelski) no longer rides, I still want him to shave his leg hair. I think it looks too hot with full leg hair, even I am also a bicycle rider. Maybe most female compatriots are different from what I thought. ——Heather Irmiger, a professional mountain bike rider

Answer 6: This is a tradition


Shaving your leg hair is an important sign that you are committed to pursuing lofty goals and working hard to manage your life. This means that you are a real racer. Furthermore, going to a team game with unruly hairy legs is like going to church in shorts.


Shaving leg hair is the attitude a bicycle rider should have. ——Horgan-Kobelski

To me, this behavior is stupid. ——Leideville Time Trial Champion Dave Wiens

This is a kind of fashion when I ride a bike. It’s also very Fashion now, real friends shave their leg hair. ——Phinney

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