Why do some bike enthusiasts switch mountain bikes to road bikes?

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Why do some bicycle enthusiasts switch mountain bikes to road bikes? I think it may be caused by two factors: changes in personal interests and hobbies and actual cycling.

First, look at the advantages and disadvantages of mountain bikes and road bikes.
Mountain bikes, as the name suggests, are more suitable for cycling on mountainous and rugged roads. The frame of mountain bikes is more rugged, strong, and has better shock absorption performance. Mountain bikes have front fork shock absorbers, and some have rear shock absorbers. Wide cycling comfort is higher, generally wider straight handles are used, and the handling is better, but the resistance is relatively large and the speed is relatively slow when cycling. Road bikes are mainly used for cycling on highways or on relatively flat roads. In order to increase speed and reduce wind resistance, the frame is relatively slender. Generally, there is no shock absorption mechanism. The bending handles are used. When cycling, you need to lean down, the seat is narrow and long, and the cycling comfort is Slightly inferior to mountain bikes, but cycling faster and faster.
full suspension carbon fiber mountain bike frame MFM100
Secondly, it depends on factors such as the cycling environment and daily use frequency of mountain bikes and road bikes. Mountain bikes can ride on rugged roads such as mountains or on roads, while road bikes can only ride on roads or flat roads, not off-road. It should be said that the cycling environment of mountain bikes is more extensive.
Daily commuting to and from get off work, regardless of whether the pipeline conditions are unobstructed, the general cycling distance is not too large, and the cycling comfort of mountain bikes is higher. It is also easier to park temporarily. Road bikes are inferior to mountain bikes in many aspects such as comfort and temporary parking.
However, there are not many people who really ride mountain bikes to cross-country cycling, and most places do not have a really suitable cycling environment. If you go to professional venues or “wild” venues to ride, either you need to pay, or there is a great danger. From a safety point of view, the risk of cycling a mountain bike off-road is significantly higher than cycling a road bike. And cycling a mountain bike off-road requires learning more off-road skills and mastering more relevant knowledge. Most people ride on ordinary roads or relatively flat places, and very few people go for real off-road cycling. The shock absorption performance of mountain bikes is almost useless. There are also very few places suitable for cycling in the city. It is not easy to ride where there are many steps.

Third, one of the biggest disadvantages of mountain bikes compared to road bikes is speed. The mountain bike frame is rough and heavy, and the cycling posture is mainly sitting or standing, resulting in greater wind resistance during cycling. The width of the mountain bike tires causes the resistance to increase, and the number of teeth and front and rear gear ratios of the chain wheel is slightly smaller than that of the road bike, leading to cycling There is a big difference in speed.

There is not much difference in speed between mountain bikes and road bikes when cycling in the city. Once cycling on an open road, the speed difference will be very obvious. It is very normal for a road bike to reach a speed of about 30 kilometers per hour. The average speed of a frequent rider can even reach about 40 kilometers or even higher, and the instantaneous speed can even exceed 60 kilometers or even higher. Professional cyclists ride at an average speed of about 40 kilometers per hour. If they ride a TT time bike, they will be faster than ordinary road bikes. The picture below is the TT time bike, because the seat tube angle is slightly larger than that of ordinary road bikes, and the body position and center of gravity are more forward, which is more conducive to the force of the thigh and avoids excessive force of the calf. In addition, the special design of the handle makes cycling speed is faster.

Fourth, many cyclists choose road cycling rather than off-road cycling when cycling outdoors. Because of the obvious speed advantage of road bikes, mountain bikes have obvious disadvantages in speed when cycling on the road. And many people ride with other people, and few like to ride alone like me. When we are together, we can’t keep up with others, so we can only rely on physical strength to make up for the disadvantages of mountain bikes. Over time, many people gave up mountain bikes and chose road bikes.
I rode a road bike with my classmates on a mountain bike. It was nearly 50 kilometers back and forth. When I reached a speed of 30 kilometers per hour, I didn’t feel too tired. My classmates felt a bit difficult to ride a mountain bike.
I think it is the disadvantage of cycling speed that makes many people who ride mountain bikes switch to road bikes. Although the road bike itself has a slight disadvantage in terms of comfort, it can completely make up for this disadvantage by replacing more comfortable seats and cycling clothes. Leaning and cycling while cycling may make people who are just starting to ride feel uncomfortable, but as long as you adapt to a stage and exercise your core strength and other muscles, you can adapt.
Why do some bike enthusiasts switch mountain bikes to road bikes
The feeling of cycling a road bike is very refreshing. You can feel the wind blowing over your body and the scenery on both sides passing by. Mountain bikes can’t give this feeling.
Under normal circumstances, riders choose mountain bikes and road bikes. I recommend choosing road bikes instead of mountain bikes.
There is now a model that is between mountain bikes and road bikes. It basically uses a reduced version of the mountain bike frame, plus front fork shock absorbers, and some also add rear shock absorbers, plus road bikes or The width of the handlebars of mountain bikes is between that of mountain bikes and road bikes, taking into account the comfort and speed of long-distance cycling. This kind of bicycle is more suitable for cycling, and it is better to choose a pure road bike for people who do not have this need.

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