Why is it said that cycling is more effective than running?

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Cycling and running are both popular aerobic exercises. In fact, compared to running, cycling can achieve better results. Why? Let’s take a look together!

First, Comparison of body changes between running and cycling

1. Number of heartbeats——

Although riding a bicycle is relatively easy, in terms of changes in the number of heartbeats, the heartbeat of a bicycle has a greater change. The greater the change in a heartbeat, the greater the burden on the body, so the greater the amount of exercise. Therefore, the advantage of cycling is that it feels very relaxed, but the amount of physical exercise can be achieved quickly!

2. Calorie consumption——

On the surface, it seems that the calorie consumption of running is more than double that of a bicycle, but because of the different time spent, if the average calorie consumption per minute is used, the calorie consumption of the two is similar. The data of the two are very close, but relatively speaking, cycling is much easier. (Because the speed is faster, it feels windy, the body temperature is easy to drop, and you will not feel tired.)

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Second, Important findings of cycling exercise

Experimental results:

1. Running can strengthen the muscles of the calf

2. Cycling can strengthen thigh muscles, psoas muscles (iliopsoas muscles)

The main function of the thigh muscles is to weigh and lift the feet, so they must be exercised well. The unfamiliar psoas muscle (iliopsoas muscle) is also used to support the body, but its importance is not lost to the thigh muscle, because if the psoas muscle is weak, people will not be able to stand for a long time and will be easily ill in bed.

In addition to cycling, the other exercise to exercise the psoas muscles is to climb stairs. However, climbing stairs will allow the knees to bear the weight of the whole body, which is not suitable for the elderly. Therefore, if the elderly want to train the psoas muscles, riding a bicycle is the most suitable.

Third, Use small slopes for muscle training

Muscle strength training in recent studies has found that more than 30% of your own maximum muscle strength must be used to improve muscle strength. Without this level of strength training, the muscles may still weaken. So how do you ride a bicycle to use 30% of your own maximum muscle strength? Experiments have found that 1.25% of the slope can be reached by riding 50 meters.

Fourth, cycling can make blood vessels younger

After exercise, the speed of blood flow increases, and nitric oxide is produced. The function of nitric oxide is to soften the muscles surrounding the blood vessels. The faster the blood flows, the more nitric oxide is produced.

Experiments have found that cycling can speed up the flow of blood ten times. Therefore, friends with vascular diseases, you can consider riding a bicycle to improve blood vessels!

Fifth, expert advice

Running and cycling are both aerobic exercises, which can make blood vessels younger, lose weight and prevent diseases caused by lifestyle habits. However, running does not improve muscle strength.

How long does it take to ride a bicycle to make blood vessels really younger?

Expert advice:

Cyclists under 40 need to ride 180 minutes+ a week; 40-year-old cyclists need to ride 160 points+ a week; 50-year-old cyclists need to ride 150 points+ a week; 60-year-old cyclists need to ride 140 points+ a week.

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