Why is the frame the soul of the bike?

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The bicycle frame is the skeleton of the entire bicycle, which determines and influences the correctness and comfort of the riding posture to the greatest extent. Material frame material from the earliest chromium-molybdenum steel, evolution to aluminum, then the use of composite materials such as carbon fiber, and another scandium alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, etc., the industry continues to develop new material formulations, improve the ability to design the fittings and structure and innovative processing technology, only to make the frame lighter, stronger, more comfortable and more streamlined and beautiful.

The frame is the soul of the bike, a good bike frame must meet the three conditions of lightweight, enough strength, and high steel. As a cycling car is of course the lighter the weight the better, so the more energy-saving ride faster; strength enough means that the frame in the high-intensity riding, will not have to break bending safety concerns; high steel refers to the frame to be hard enough, sometimes a poor steel frame may not have safety concerns, but ride up frame power conduction poor, making the rider pedal up with the car dragging heavy feeling, even if it is light enough, enough Even if the frame is light enough and strong enough but with poor steel, it is still a substandard sportbike. Frame materials that meet the above criteria for a good frame are aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, titanium alloy, and alloy steel.

The carbon fiber raw materials are derived from Toray T800 high-quality. The carbon fiber is flexible on the outside and rigid on the inside. It is lighter than aluminum alloy but has more strength than steel. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, shock resistance, and high modulus. It is important material and is always used in national defense, military, and civilian applications. It not only has the inherent characteristics of carbon materials but also has the soft processability of textile fibers. It is a new generation of reinforcing fibers that has many excellent properties.

Carbon Road Bike Frame X8QR

Trifox X8 adopts carbon fiber integrated molding process, three-dimensional guide type integrated aero pipe type, internal routing aerodynamic propel design, full sense of strength, the combination of sports and equipment aesthetics, and the special processing method of carbon fiber makes the frame without Joint gaps, with consistent visual aesthetics that other frame materials don’t have.

The internal routing design, the wiring from the upper tube of the frame head, is simple and beautiful. Ultra-light carbon fiber front fork: the aerodynamic design of breaking wind, taking into account lightness and strength, riding faster and more comfortably.

Carbon fiber windbreaking aero seat post: The lay-back drop-shaped tube design, with a smaller windward surface, effectively reduces the wind resistance of cycling and makes riding more enjoyable. Hidden Seatpost clamp, beautiful and fashionable.

Carbon Road Bike Frame X10

Trifox 700C Carbon Frame Road Bike X10 Real Shot

Carbon Road Bike Frame X10 has a High rigid, lightweight combination.
The frame adopts one-piece molding technology so that the frame has a good force distribution performance. And the high-rigidity geometric structure of the frame makes the stability of the frame, the lateral rigidity of the front fork, the rigidity of the bottom bracket, and the comfort of the frame all achieve harmony and unity, the frame incorporates every tube and every detail into aerodynamics and ergonomics. The design concept is to reduce the hand offset from the tube shape, enhance the lateral rigidity, and provide pedaling efficiency, more like A comprehensive and high-performance tank, its advantage lies in its compatibility.

Carbon Road Bike Frame X16QR

Trifox Carbon Fiber Road Bike Frameset X16, Thru Axle design, Ultra-lightweight, strong, and durable. Internal Routing and Unique Structure. Ergonomic design provides you a safer and more comfortable riding.

Features of carbon fiber: elasticity, stable ride, long-distance cruising, and high comfort.

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