Why is there a groove on the bicycle seat

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In today’s life, many bicycles, especially mountain bikes, have an obvious groove on the cushion.

As for why this design is used, many people don’t know why, and many experienced riders have different unique opinions.

In fact, leaving a hole in the cushion makes this design more humane. The earliest bicycle seat cushions were designed based on saddles, and this design is still in use today.

1. Cost saving
The hollow design in the middle of the bicycle cushion is much more complicated than the integrated design in the production process.

Some people think that it is cost saving. In fact, this is impossible. At most, it can only save some materials. However, the cost of craftsmanship and manpower far exceeds the cost of materials.

2. Reduce weight
Since the material of the cushion is reduced, the weight of the cushion will inevitably be reduced.
For cyclists, especially for competitions, a little weight of the bike is very important. Although it looks small, it reduces the streamlined wind resistance of driving, which can better save people’s physical strength and is suitable for long-term riding.
3. Relieve stress
People who often ride bicycles will definitely feel this way. After a long period of riding, the hip will feel the pain of tearing.
In fact, it is caused by the force between the sides of a person’s hips (sit bones) and the cushion during riding. There are many nerves and blood vessels in the human sciatic bone. The hollow design is mainly to solve the pressure on the blood vessels and nerves in this area, so as to relax our feeling of pressure and discomfort when riding, and make riding more healthy!

4. Ventilation
After riding for a long time, there will be a lot of heat in the position of the buttocks, which will produce a lot of sweat. This design plays a role in ventilation and heat dissipation to a large extent, so it is very necessary for the bicycle seat to be breathable.

5. Beautiful and generous
With the development of science and technology, according to people’s pursuit of life, the novelty of models makes it easier to attract consumers and promote product sales.
Just like many people buy a bike, in addition to performance and price, one thing that cannot be ignored is that its appearance is enough to attract them.

Nowadays there are too many sub-healthy people. It is good to buy a bicycle and start cycling. It is environmentally friendly and can also exercise~ Don’t be so lazy in life. Be sure don’t eat too much and move your legs often!

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