Why use locked pedals

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With the popularity of cycling, more and more bicycle enthusiasts have used self-locking pedals (“locked pedals” for short).

Perhaps most people have grown up riding bicycles, and they will feel that lock pedals are completely unnecessary, but many people who have used lock pedals will not change back to the previous riding method with horizontal pedals. Why?

In summary, there are two points:

First, save effort

This is the best effect for aerobic exercise that consumes a lot of physical strength.

Generally speaking, using self-locking pedals can save up to 25% of your effort, and you can easily climb hillsides that were difficult to ride before.

Maybe you will be uncomfortable at the beginning, or you may find it to no avail, but after using the lock, the action will become natural. Sometimes you can also do low-speed off-mount riding movements, which look very professional. But riding fast is not good. If you remember to step and forget to pull or remember to pull and forget to step, it seems to take a while to get used to.

Leaning forward, stepping on the front foot, and pulling on the back foot, the human and vehicle feel very beautiful together. This is an unusually smooth sensation of two feet driving the chain wheel to rotate in concert.

Second, stability

People who have used flat pedals know that they must step on the pedals on the bumpy rocky road to prevent their feet from loosening. They have no idea of ​​stepping hard, but if they use self-locking, they don’t have to consider using their feet to find them. It’s troublesome to pedal this. You can just pedal hard, as long as you hold the handlebars, the problem of catching your feet will be fixed for you.

If you don’t use the lock pedals well, you will also be dangerous. You may not be able to adapt quickly when you use the lock pedals. People who are accustomed to using horizontal pedals when parking unconsciously stop when parking. This habit often makes Beginners make jokes, such as “zero speed fall”.

The person who steps on the locking pedal will take off the pedal when it is parked. Because it takes a while to exit the lock state, it takes a while.

Especially beginners are not proficient in unlocking. At this time, he can’t take off the pedals at once, and at the same time loses his balance, he has to fall to one side of the ground. If there is a car on one side, it is more dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended that beginners have to practice the process of getting off the car in the initial use, and have the consciousness of removing the pedals before stopping.

A good lock pedal is not enough, a good pair of lock shoes is also essential, the quality of the shoes also directly affects the use of the locking pedal. The sole should be hard, the heel of the shoe should be tight but not uncomfortable. When unlocking, there should be no gap between the foot and the shoe, so that you can fully feel the joy of riding the bicycle.

Not to mention the benefits of using the locking pedal for long-distance riding, it can change the power distribution of the legs, and the legs of the back foot can also play a role in the lifting, which makes the riding less fatigue and high speed. It takes longer.

A very important part of the pedaling system is actually sole, because the pedaling shoes are usually not bent, which can prevent the pedaling force from being consumed on the bending of the arch material, and it cannot be transmitted to the pedals in a larger proportion. Virtually every foot is playing with greater efficiency.

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