You should pay attention to these signals when you are cycling

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1. Stomach pain
This problem is often caused by overeating. When you are riding a bike, the energy gel that you eat may make you feel good about yourself, full of energy, and happy like a Dick cowboy. But when you stop, too much energy gel makes you feel stomachache and nausea. The solution is to take the right amount of supplements. Under normal circumstances, one to three hours of cycling activities usually requires an intake of 30-60 grams of carbohydrates. Of course, this is only an approximate value. The specific value needs to refer to your activity intensity and weight.

2. Headache
Dehydration during cycling is cruel, and this is often the culprit that causes your headaches, so make sure you have enough water, but don’t drink too much. The amount of water you drink should not exceed 200ml at a time, and the interval between two drinks should be at least 15 minutes. . In addition, it is recommended to wear blackout riding glasses when riding in sunny weather, because the strong sunlight can make you dizzy, cause visual fatigue, and cause headaches. Of course, if you often have headaches while riding, you’d better check with a doctor.

3. Bloating
For bloating, drinking more water and taking a few bites is always the best answer. You might say that I drink a lot of sports drinks, but the high-electrolyte and high-sugar drinks you drink cannot provide enough water to balance the body’s water content. When riding and pedaling hard, most of our blood is transferred to our legs, and less blood is used for digestion in the stomach. At this time, it is the key to allowing energy to be absorbed quickly, so “dilution” is particularly important.

4. Leg cramps
Leg cramps are mostly caused by low electrolyte content in the body. Generally, you can put some electrolyte effervescent tablets in the direct drinking water to provide your body with sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. But for some leg abusers, a few sips of electrolyte sports drinks will not help. You have to force yourself to slow down, calm down, and ride on a lower power for more than ten minutes to let the lactic acid accumulated in the legs gradually Disperse, save power for the next day of riding.

5. Urgent need to urinate
If you are riding a bicycle and often want to jump down from the seat to the nearest toilet, then you may need to adjust the angle of the seat or adjust the posture on the seat. If your seat has been adjusted several times and you try different riding positions, the problem still exists, perhaps it may be a urinary tract infection, don’t worry, it is best to consult a doctor.

6. Dry cough

Have you ever tried to return home after riding in the colder weather, and you have a dry cough, and you feel like your lungs are coughing out… This is a fairly common problem. If you have a mild dry cough, you just need to wash it warm Take a shower and take a short rest, and the symptoms will subside on their own. If the dry cough is constant, the respiratory tract may be affected. Then, seeing a doctor is your first choice. A good body is a fundamental guarantee for us to continue riding, so please cherish your body. When your body sends a distress signal, don’t try to ride a bike. , Should make reasonable disposal in time.

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